Last week (that is actually like a month ago I think but I was too lazy to post anything because of the limited internet connection that I have lately) I have been having extra dry lips where they peel and somehow have a snail-speed recovery rate. Even Maybelline's Baby Lips moisturiser balms and such couldn't help.

I was loitering around AEON alone one fine day and was tempted to buy this 12-hour healing lip balm by Maybelline. But when I think of it's reaction at my lips when I used the 6 hour or 8 hour moisture balm by Maybelline, it made me itchy sometimes or not moisturising enough. So I put it back to the shelf and walked some more.

I saw Body Shop.
Surprisingly I walked into it. (Honestly speaking, I have been in there for less than 10 times since I was born).

Without much expectation, I scanned for any lip products or signs that says "Lips".
First I spotted the Lip Scrubs and stuff. 
Walked away.
Some strange shine shined upon this product.

Brand: The Body Shop

Item: Aloe Lip Care (sensitive skin)

Function (as per item): Conditions and soothes very dry lips

Scent: Sweet

Price: RM39.90

Net weight: 15ml

How-to-use (according to what I was told): Use it at night and/or day.

On the first day (17072014), there was not much improvement. At least there weren't itchy sensation after the application ^^

***you can see my lips here taken when I first consumed my first bottle of LENNOX collagen***

On the second day, I can already see my peeling around my lips lesser. *yahoo*

Third day, still like that.

After one week (23072014), my peeling lips has reduced to approximately 5 %

Since there is no pictures, I did a second trial on 03092014.

Lips was dry due to licking or biting of lips when I have nothing better to do (or when I unconsciously do it on purpose). Sorry Lips! ×.×

So this is how it looks (not that bad compared to the first trial) :

What I do is to slightly brush my lips with my toothbrush. Scrub my lips softly. Next, I massage my upper and lower lips in circular motion. This promotes blood circulation thus making my lips looking more youthful and soft I think *vain*

After that I would squeeze a small amount of the lip treatment on my pinky or fourth finger. I feel that this is a hygienic way.

This gel/creamy thing is gooey and slightly white.

This is my lips after the application. It seems like a layer of gloss over my lips. It felt super moisturised and slightly sticky. I don't mind the stickiness cause the next day I will get supple lips :)

As for the remaining gooey stuff, the first lesson I've learnt was to never never wash the remaining gooey stuff off. If you did so, it'll be like lip balms that is hardly washed off. Instead, wipe the remaining thing off your finger tips and only wash and dry your hands after that.

Use a tissue and tap the remaining balm to it. Brush my teeth, clean my face.


That's my face and lips without anything on. No lip balm. Just clean, pat dried face. :) lips is better huh? :)

If you don't want to tap off the remaining treatment, it'll look like a layer of balm :)

Have fun with it. Love your lips like any part of the body you'd spend time pampering it!! ;)