Smelly-No-More to the Rescue!

Hey guys, sorry for being ineffective for more than a week. I have been resting after returning from a family trip that was all about visiting my sister and shopping. Shopping like Crazy. Real C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I swear. I guess my energy loss from shopping and all have just replenished. ;)

Okay. This post now. This is a very personal post for me. I would hide it under a rock and if possible, I would drown it together inside a safe and let it be under the deep blue sea. I'll do that later and tell you my secret now. "A secret not even a psychic can decode it," my 15-year old brother taught me. Lol. *turn over the rock for the last time* Erm. Today's blog will be about my underarms. *head in hole*

Back when I was a child I would hate my underarm, my sweat. BO to be exact. Hmm. As I grew up, I realized that although I may not have the choice in choosing over an active or not so active sweating glands but I do have the choice in choosing what steps to take in preventing a "smelly armpit". Over the years I have been trying out various brands of deodorant especially in helping me to combat dark underarms and also the odor. At one point of time I do surrender in giving more tries as the deodorants I've tried were either less efficient, that is, I will only smell nice temporarily, or the whitening of the underarm just don't happen. That is one main reason of my low self-esteem. I am constantly conscious whether I 'smell' or not. And then I have developed this skill:

You know how people have "Eye of the Eagles", "Ear of the Elephants", etc.
I have The Dog Nose (I just noticed it recently. Lol).

###dog sneeze pic###

In short, I am thankful for friends and family who do not complain too much to me about my BO yet think of ways to help me combat it. Thank you!!!!

Fortunately my sister introduced me to this magical salt stick: Smelly-No-More! Initially I was in doubt cause it's just a stick without any form of smell that could mask my odor if I were to sweat. And secondly there is no other function like whitening of the underarm that I am concerned of. Finally I bought the small salt stick of 60g (RM16.90) on 3rd January 2013.

It is worthy as it does what it says! My BO is lowered by A Lot. I am so much more at ease when I go out. I do not have to worry when I sweat. I love it's effectiveness. Not to sound too gross but I have noticed that my underarm aren't that smelly (or less smelly per se) anymore even after I have sweat. *cheers to the creator of this magical salt stick!*

This stick definitely did helped me overcome my smelly issue! It is my must - have throughout the year and the many more years to come.Maybe I should stock it up? Lol. No no. Not doing that. Gotta use them before it expires. Would definitely buy the bigger salt stick when my small one is gone. ;)

Pros (as stated on packaging) :
(1) Anti-bacteria & eliminates odour
(2) 300% more effective thaan commercial deodrant
(3) Hypo-allergenic
(4) Alcohol-free
(5) Non-sticky

Lol. Actually, I just got the bigger stick this year. Very recent. On 07-07-2014. Love it. It's Rm 24.90 for 160g. Very affordable.

How to use (as stated on packaging) :
After a bath, wet the top surface of the stone with water and apply on affected areas, i.e. under arms, feet, etc. 

Glad that the small stuck can last for a year plus. I stopped using it coz it scratched my underarms. Cause of scratch? = I dropped it. So the more I used it the more the cracks sharpen and you know what happens when I used it. *gotta sayang (pamper in English) my underarms more now. So, please please DO NOT DROP IT! Sad to say, I've dropped my new big magical salt that I have just bought. No choice. Luckily this time the effect of the fall wasn't that great. *fingers cross that it'll not sharpen with the ticking time*

Item: Deodorant stick
Weight: 160g
Price: RM24.90
Scent: -
Rating: 4.5/5
Why?- Does what it says. Thank you stick for helping my years of BO issue. My BO has been such a relentless ghost. 
Con: need to find an alternative to whiten/lighten my dark underarms & once I use too often, I find it less effective (I don't know why it happens to me. Does anyone else experience the same thing?)

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading!


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