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I have been asking and thinking to myself what birthday gift I should request from the love since he does not know what to get for me.

After some time of thinking after my eve of my birthday, I have finally settled on the choice of present that I am sure I will not regret on.

I was more affirmed of my decisions after reading Cheesie's blog on the user friendly camera by Casio ZR1200. Big love and have been waiting for it like crazy.

Since I have requested it back on my birthday in March, we didn't really have the time since I was busy with my last semester of my degree life. So I told him to get it for me when I am over with my semester to celebrate my life free from studying.

There was no stock of this baby when we went to the camera store in mid May.

That toy up there is Casio ZR12000

The person asked me to leave my number once the stock has arrived. He said that it would be here by mid June. Tick tock tick tock. Still, there was no call.

My baby was glad that my present was delayed because he had time to save up to buy it for me. Thanks baby for all the patience and pamper session no matter I need it or not. Love you banyak-banyak. Cherish for more time spent together.  

So we stumbled into another camera store on 23062014.
Thankful that they have the last white camera left. ^^
Lucky me but pity his pocket. Hehe. What to do. He already promised me.
However, I got to buy the extended insurance for my camera myself as he don't believe the camera needed so. It's only RM99 for a 2 year extension instead of RM149 the salesman said. So yeah, I got to have it as I love to take pictures no matter where I go.

Here are some photos I took with the new toy:
(No additional editing apps used other than the filter already in the camera)

Love love love the ART SHOT

Image 1. With filter.

Image 2. Without filter.

Image 1. With filter.

Image 2. Without filter.

Image 1. With filter.

Image 2. Without filter.

(  dreamy huh? :)  )

(can you see the bling at the side of the dahl?)

(altogether there are 12 levels; for skin with a few acnes that are not that serious, go for 4 or 5. If you go for 8 or more, the shot will be blurred.)

My skin here looks so so pretty right? I am not praising myself. I just remember my little sister compliment me that when she saw this picture. Behind the camera lens though sadly, my skin isn't flawless at all. There were plenty of acne scars and once a while pimples pop out and I can't control it. *sigh*

SUNSET (under the Best Shot)
Stay tune for the coming post that I will link to it soon. So sorry for the wait. XD

This is the main reason that tempted me real seriously in getting the camera.  I saw that the camera is able to take an OOTD picture just by standing 3 feet or something (I am super unsure about the distance thing) away from the mirror. Hmm. Unfortunately I have not explore this function yet due to the super bad Internet connection I have ever since semester break. Too bad. Okay, this week. This week I shall explore it. *motivated look* :)

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