Belle Madame Stretch Fiber Double Eyelid Tape

This is the product that I have purchased on 13.07.2014

I bought it at Sasa outlet in Palm Mall, Seremban.

Brand: Belle Madame (BM)
Product: Stretch fiber double eyelid tape
Price: RM17.90
Quantity: 70 pieces
Weight: 40g
MFG date: (YY.MM.DD): 13.07.09
Shelf life: 5 years
Ingredients: Methicone, Silica, Dimethicone, Ethylene/Vacopolymer

1. Clean the eyelid area first.
2. Pick up a tape and pull a tape around 3-5cm.
3. Stick a tape on your double eyelid and hold a tape along your eye radiation.
4. Use the Y-shaped fork to fine-tune the eyelid.

That's the fork and eyelid stretch fibre 

A closer look

It's attached to a not-so-sticky pad

Getting ready!

Pull and getting ready for it

Yeah! No more days of uneven eyelids ^^

Thoughts & Repurchase?

It's sticking ability is ok. It does last half the day and more but not that easy to adjust the eyelid line. I would prefer the AB Stretch fibre for double eyelid due to the slightly easier adjusting ability somehow. It's a Taiwanese brand.  Of course, it is much more expensive, the last time I bought the AB stretch fibre it was on promotion for about Rm35 or Rm40-ish.  If it's not on promotion I think it'd cost approximately Rm 50ish for 30 pairs or 50 pairs. Plus, when removing it off my lid, it isn't hard thus does not increase the chances of having sagging lids at an early age.

I would definitely repurchase this Belle Madame Stretch fibre Double Eyelid Tape for RM17.90 with 70 pieces. So much more worth it since I wanted it the first place for having a more permanent even double eyelid.  ^^

+ sticking ability is good
+ not hard to remove
+ does job much better when comparing to normal eyelid stickers

- a little hard to adjust , maybe I am not so used to it yet.

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