NATURE REPUBLIC UV Lock Flower Water Gel Sun

Applying sunscreen is a must in one's  daily routine (no matter you are going out of the house or not!)

This time I have tried this sample packet from

This sunscreen has SPF30 PA ++ which is fine for me as I am not constantly under the sun and become a toasted piece of bread at the end of the day x.x

No one wants to be a burnt bread since Asians are taught that "being fair is beautiful". Once darkened, you need time to treat and be fair again. 

This is the packet of sample


Gel-like & creamy (white) which is what I like. However it is sticky after application. Hmph. It is not that sticky after some time later.

Pores can breathe?

Yeap, after some time. Love it!

Spreading ability?


Absorption ability?

GREAT too!

Floral/fruity and powdery mix. I think scent is a little strong upon applying the whole face.

Overall rating:

P.s. Do follow this saying that I found online (I follow this too!) ,

Nice saying right??? ^^
Choose the kinds of products depending on what you want for as the end product on your face/body (as well as your preference of the product). 

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