Michelle Lazar Deep Pore Cleanser

Have you heard of Michelle Lazar?

Have you used any of its product?

The products of Michelle Lazar are manufactured in California, U.S.. Most of their products are manufactured and distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and China. The products include health, hair and skin care products. For more information, do visit their page.

I have purchased my first two cleansers from the brand of Michelle Lazar on 14th April 2014 and did not have a particular high expectations for the product as I constantly have break outs and I do not really get the priviledge of enjoying an acne-free skin for 1 whole month (I would be a  vegetarian if my skin is clear for that long!). The most that I get to enjoy such clean face was a week max. I honestly do admire people with such clear faces. Such a bliss!! So this is the product below:

This is me looking as "pek-chik" as possssible taking the ugliest picture with ZERO editing apps on 15th April 2014 before washing my face for the first time with the two cleansers.

Sorry to myself for showing my ugliest pic with my hair all held back and away from my face. Argh. That's pimples on my forehead. Some are about to pop out but some haven't.  Uneven skin tone too. Hmm. (Picture taken by my sister's Nokia phone that has great spec especially for taking pictures)
The angriest pimple alive!!!! (Picture taken by my sister's Nokia phone that has great spec especially for taking pictures)

I started using it on 15th April 2014. The first thing to do is to use the "Deep Pore Cleanser" which serves to clean you skin from the inside. It is gel-like. You can choose to wet your face if it is too dry for you.

1.Wet the face.
2. Apply 2 pumps of the cleanser onto the face.
3. Do not rinse off and continue to use the Facial Wash Cleanser.
4. Rinse and tissue-dry or towel-dry the face.
**basically, the 424 method is not applicable here**

My first response was, "Are you serious that I don't need to wet my face and just slap on the deep pore cleanser?"
"Yeap, But you can have some water too if it is too dry for you," the beautician said.
I was like, "Uh-okay."
So she was telling me how important deep cleansing was from the inside which would consequently facilitate the absorption of whatever products you'll be slapping on after you have washed your face.
Upon hearing that, I was dying to only buy the Deep Pore Facial Cleanser.
However she said that the effect would be optimum upon buying the cleansing wash as well. So yeah, I got two of them. And only two. I cannot afford to spend like a running tap and let the water run like crazy!!!
So I only insisted for just that only two and nothing more. They were quite pushy when it comes to sales but yeah, I am not falling for that since I already nod for the cleansing wash. Hmph. *purse hurts and cries*

So after approximately two weeks my angry pimple on my chin went down and the face was all brightened up.

*sorry 'coz I did not manage to take pictures as I was too happy enjoying a clean clean face*

My stupid pimple cycle came back after that short short shorttttt periodof clean and clear face.
*sob sob sob*
This is how my face now looks after two months of continuous use.

Nearing a month of use. That's how I look like in the image below, taken on the May 13th 2014.

Finally,  clear skin without any editing or filter. (Image taken with my Samsung Note 2, front camera) My big siser said that my cheek has brightened. *thank you* Angry pimple on chin approximately a month ago also gone :)
After 1month and 9days of using the cleanser for almost everyday, my skin is still clear. Especially my cheeks. Grateful that it (the pimples) isnt't back yet. The picture below was taken on May 24th.

Selfie with no editing but natural sun light and lippie. (Picture taken with my Samsung Note 2, front camera)

May 26th
It's supposed to be naturally flushed cheeks. Can't really see that since my phone camera isn't good. ×.× I am glad that my cheeks looks rosy and soft. Overall whatever you see in this picture, this skin, is still quite clear. Oh. Why did my pic stopped at my forehead? Yeap. An angry pimple popped out. Argh. Clear skin days over. ×.×

Basically you can see the marks on my forehead, cheeks and face. What I can say is that it does not stop my acne from popping. However, it does brighten my face, which I do appreciate much. I also like the product as it does remove make up quite easily. That saves me from bringing an extra bottle of eye and lip make up remover. Yeay! One less weight to carry when I go travel around!! ^^

This is how you use it:
1. Pump the cleanser onto cotton pads
2. Wipe on area with make up
3. Viola!!

I was amazed by it's make up removing effect. Never thought that it'll be this good.

For the picture, please visit this page by my sister.

So will I repurchase??
2.5 / 5.0

It does brighten my face but it is costly and the products can be finished quite fast. I will need to spend much more. So I think that I should scout for a better cleanser which does the brightening and clearing up of my face, thus enjoying a clear face (and also saves time to put on or not even needing to have make up on!).

That's all! Thanks lovelies for your time to read this post.


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