Menya Musashi

We went for this F&B store in One Utama. (24062014)

Non-halal !!!

How we got there?- Ms. V wanted Korean food for dinner and Mr. E's friend highly recommended this place.

Surprised and Irritating?- We were all irritated as the person shouts or something almost occasionally & suddenly. No offense! I don't mean to offend the work culture or something but honestly it really did interrupted our conversation. The noise covers my voice when I talk thus I have to pause in between our talk. Definitely NOT a GOOD venue for any catch up session!!!!

The cover of the menu.

Me- Shiro Musashi

Shiro means onion flavoured oil.
I find it a rather normal dish. Probably I am craving for something spicy too but I am having ulcer at that time so I try to avoid spicy food. Couldn't say no to fried food since I didn't have it for the whole day. Glad that I didn't pass for the snacks and dumpling as they were definitely better than my noodle.I didn't finish the whole dish as I don't really like the meat (fatty!) and probably I am not a fan of this kind of food. Hmph.

Ms. V- Aka Musashi

Aka means home made Musashi chilli flavoured oil
Ms. V loves her dish. Overall speaking, she says the ramen taste good however it is not as divine as she has had expected. She loves loves loves the soup as the salt and spicy taste is well-balanced as she liked it. The  pork was fatty too, didn't eat it. >.<"

Mr. E- Kuro Musashi

Kuro means special oil combined of fried shallots and garlic flavoured oil
Mr. E don't really find his dish special but he managed to finish it as he was very hungry. Lol. Not much of a comment here as he finds the soup okay and overall it wasn't that good. And, the pork was tooooo hard. 

*the one not ordered is called Ki which is home made Musashi curry oil*

Musashi costs RM26 w/o tax and service charges.
Musashi contains 2 chasu, Ajitama 1 pc, Spring Onion, Leek, Bamboo Shoots, Black Fungus, Asparagus, Chilli Threads.

Each dish we ordered came with the complimentary snacks. Its quite nice. I like the snacks

The dumplings that Mr. E ordered was nice too. It was stuffed with meat and veggies. Yum yum.
Everyone loves the dumplings too.

Overall, we only recommend Aka Musashi IF you are dying to try the food here. Also recommend the fried dumplings and also the complimentary snack, so far. That's all. What would you recommend? ^^

Lastly, I would like to end the post by sharing an interesting milk which tickles my tastebuds.

I love the milk which is different from the normal ones that I drink. Strawberry versus Banana, which would you go for?

I go for the Banana. ♡ 

I think of Cheesie when I wanted to buy this. Did she instagram the picture before?

That's all.

Thanks for your time for reading this.



  1. if you dont mind and concern abt business environment you can have a try in Wisma Central which is next to KLCC building...there also selling non-halal ramen...taste nice at affordable price... :)