LENNOX Firm Up+ Plus+ Bright Collagen

Who says to be pretty you must use money???
I think that with money, you definitely can look pretty instantaneously (faster than natural remedy I mean!!) and effortlessly.
Since I have limited excess to money
(taking a break from studying and not getting the job I wanted so I am jobless and rotting my brain ==> no salary/pocket money...hmph)

My reaction when I have no salary/pocket money (Image not mine. Taken from Mr. Google)

I always opt for natural ingredients already found in my kitchen.
I once tried egg mask with my younger sister. The white for moisturising and lifting effect while the yolk for oil controlling purpose (for OILY skin!!! People with dry skin should skip the yellow part!)
Yes, there are more natural remedy that you may have heard and/or tried but I will try another and blog about it later :)

I am sure that many of you have heard the phrase that goes like this,
"There are no ugly women. Only LAZY women."
I first heard it from a Taiwanese actress, 大S aka Barbie Hsu.
Totally agree with it, but I have ZERO commitment sticking to my skin care routine on a long term basis.

Sad case. Weak willed to stick to my routine. (Image taken from Mr. Google)

This year I am more constantly motivated by my just turned (this year) beauty queen in the house- my eldest sister who looks the youngest in the house.

She used to only have like a 1-step beauty-lazy routine, that is, to cleanse her face.
Now her routine have already increased to approximately 7 or 8 steps (excluding extra steps like masks and scrub). Be ready to be impress by her steps in her skin care routine! ^^

So other than using natural ingredients, buying items from drug stores (cleansers, toners, serum, moisturisers, masks, etc), I would buy COLLAGEN too. Yeap, I've burnt my pocket money whenever I have it and would skip meals to save up for that. *shoot me*

After using Michelle Lazar's cleanser, my skin definitely have brightened. However, it cannot stop my pimples from popping out.
Currently this is how my face looks like
(taken on 21062014)

That's my face from afar. (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera) 

A close up picture of my face. Redness, scars and uneven skin tone. (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera)

A close up of my forehead. (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera)

My dark eye circle and my right cheek which should show my "map cheek". (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera)

My nose. Full of b&w heads. Scars and uneven skin tone still. (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera)

My left side of my nose and cheek with pimple scars. Peel-y lips. And dark eye circles too. Argh. (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera)

A closer look at my left cheek. (Taken by my Samsung Note 2 front camera)

That's my dry lips. Please focus on my chin that's housed with pimplessss.
So sorry for the blurr pictures of my face as they are  all taken using my Samsung Note 2 front camera. ×.×


 Redness & pimples on my forehead

Red round scar in the middle of my forehead

A yet-to-be erupted pimple near my left eye

Left Cheek Alert!! - 5-8 pimples marks/scars

7-8 pimples housing on my chin area *shock*

Red breaking lines on my right cheek. The Chinese calls its the " broken 红鸡蛋 " (red egg)
Not pretty they said. 




Crying a river...




Nose is dry. The tip of my nose peeled. Argh. 

Pimples/white heads on the sides and slightly small black heads on the tips of my nose. *kill me*  x.x

Dry lips

Uneven skin tone

Body covered with some pimple and scars

Scarred legs (certain places) due to sensitive skin approximately 2 years back. Plus bf said my skin not nice. Hmph.

Okay. Analysis over. Bad right my skin! Hopefully this new baby would help with the good reviews that I have read from other bloggers. ^^

Lemme introduce you to my new Baby,

Tadaa. Tried this collagen baby before? :)

I was attracted to buy it as there was promotion going on in Sasa store in the newly opened Palm Mall, Seremban. Normal price is RM145 for 25 bottles.
Now it is RM145 for the first bottle and top up RM1 for the second bottle. OMG. I told bf that I would be so so sorry for myself if I don't get it now!

So I got it on 21062014.

Shall continue with it in my next blog. Stay tune.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Gosh! you're so brave to put close up of your pictures. ><" your skin is oklah!

  2. hi, could i know after u drink it, is it effective for ur skin?

    1. Hi dear :) hmm, for me i think it works for the overall skin glow. People around me noticed them. Will post a followup soon :)

    2. Hi dear :) hmm, for me i think it works for the overall skin glow. People around me noticed them. Will post a followup soon :)