Hair-play Time !

We had this hair play moment when I was having my mask time of Kose packet that I won from the pretty pretty blogger, Daphnecharice. Thank you so much!

A quick feedback of my thought about the mask though there were already numerous reviews about it.
I had my first pack done last week while I later than slap on a cheek eye mask after that. Oh, if you haven't read about my Cheek-y Eye Mask blog, do have a read here :)

My thoughts:
(after 10 minutes of application)

Well, the condition of the mask was different as per the many different facial masks that I have tried. It seems not that wet (like not able to absorb sufficient amount of essence into the mask sheet) but it was moisturizing enough and do not dry throughout the time of application.

The mask do tear easily so do handle with care! There were also opening to the mask at the upper lip area. It is definitely convenient for faces that comes in various sizes and shapes! However, I do not really like the opening as it kind of dries out faster when the other parts are still well moisturized.

No itchiness or sort during and after the application! The essence scent is not that mild. Hmm. Too strong as compared to the other scent by Korean brands that my sisters and I use. Luckily my nose quickly got used to the smell and it was all good. Strong perfum-ish scent! Omg. Maybe you won't like it at first but you'll get used to it, like I did. Hehe. My skin was instantly brighter, nourished and a bit "doink-doink" (bouncy) feel. That's just great! Now I got to really find job, save up, and splurge when I need to. Splurge on something that do not smell that strong but of great effectiveness. Hmm, what do you suggest I get when I do save up? People may see it as one of the symptoms of being a shopaholic but I would prefer to call it the shopping remedy OR stress-releasing remedy. <3

Love Blue #kose

Back of the packet.
How it looks inside.
Close up too look at the condition of the sheet mask.
The whole of the mask. So hard to spread it open for you to see properly. The upper lip part is cut in half for your convenience.
Pardon me for my clothes and bald forehead. Not placed well.
A closer take for the better placed upper lip mask part. ^^

 The stream of pictures below are just for fun. Credits the hair styling to my baby brother, Mr. K. ^^

The Classic Broom :)

The Mermaid's Tail

The Helicopter (my brother said)

The Helicopter take 2!

Queen of Hearts. *my ass*
The Retarded Twin of The Great Maleficent (while doing mask). Alike?

(excluding my background, sleeping t-shirt, hair tie & bangles around my wrists, my mask, too looong hair and not to forget, my dumb dumb hand position)

Want a comparison of the true Maleficent?
Here you go! ^^

My perfect sister! ^^

Thank you for reading! ^^ 

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