Annie's Way Cactus Extract Hydrating Mask

Hi, I am just done with this mask from Annie's Way last week. Am a big fan especially to their tub (jelly) mask actually. The salesperson would recommend us to use the mask of the same line after we've used the tub mask as it would enhance its absorption. If you haven't read the post about it, do visit this post on arbutin + hyaluronic acid jelly mask and also the other on aloe moisturising jelly mask.

This time I've tried their Cactus Extract Hydrating Mask.

This is how the packet looks from the front.

This is the back.

This will be a close up of the information written in English, which I have it written below on its ingredients & functions

Last time, I used to think that my skin only require whitening and acne (especially when it is about to pop out!) mask. Never would I think that hydration mask is that important. Then I was told that the oiliness / shiny forehead that I have was caused by the thirsty skin under the epidermis layer of my skin. So, I realized that it is important for me to hydrate my skin from the inside out. Same goes to detox program for our body and blah blah blah.

Okay, back to the topic. ^^

Cactus extract, Hyaluronic acid, Coxi extract, Lecinol, & Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate.

As Claimed:
Cactus extract contains moisturizers & collagen, giving your skin an intensive moisturization while improving its elasticity.

Imported & Distributed by:
Beauty Majesty Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Made in: 
Taiwan <3

How to use:
After you have cleansed your face, apply the mask on your face and remove it after 15 minutes. Follow on with your day/night cream.

This is the mask with the pearl paper at the back.

Pardon my face. It's ugly when I have my side fringe all tied up and away from my face. Hmph.

My thought:
It does moisturize my face as I was having a small peel over my nose as well as my cheek. Great to see that the peel was no longer visible. However, the moisturization was not rich enough for my skin. The moisture level of my skin would be more sufficient after slapping on my serum *slurp slurp for the skin* and moisturiser to lock in the moisture on my skin. Also, there's no sticky feeling after the serum of the masks have dried. *me likey* I like how the mask fit the face while I tug on it. For me, it does not tear easily when I tug the mask to fit my face. Surprisingly  I can tear it easily without  a single force applied after I am done with the mask. *shocked*
So does this difficulty of tearing of the mask influence you to buy the mask or does the effectivity weigh more?

If you were to ask me whether I would repurchase this mask or not, I WOULD with the condition of having it done AFTER the TUB MASKS!!!

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Thank you for reading.

Hair-play Time !

We had this hair play moment when I was having my mask time of Kose packet that I won from the pretty pretty blogger, Daphnecharice. Thank you so much!

A quick feedback of my thought about the mask though there were already numerous reviews about it.
I had my first pack done last week while I later than slap on a cheek eye mask after that. Oh, if you haven't read about my Cheek-y Eye Mask blog, do have a read here :)

My thoughts:
(after 10 minutes of application)

Well, the condition of the mask was different as per the many different facial masks that I have tried. It seems not that wet (like not able to absorb sufficient amount of essence into the mask sheet) but it was moisturizing enough and do not dry throughout the time of application.

The mask do tear easily so do handle with care! There were also opening to the mask at the upper lip area. It is definitely convenient for faces that comes in various sizes and shapes! However, I do not really like the opening as it kind of dries out faster when the other parts are still well moisturized.

No itchiness or sort during and after the application! The essence scent is not that mild. Hmm. Too strong as compared to the other scent by Korean brands that my sisters and I use. Luckily my nose quickly got used to the smell and it was all good. Strong perfum-ish scent! Omg. Maybe you won't like it at first but you'll get used to it, like I did. Hehe. My skin was instantly brighter, nourished and a bit "doink-doink" (bouncy) feel. That's just great! Now I got to really find job, save up, and splurge when I need to. Splurge on something that do not smell that strong but of great effectiveness. Hmm, what do you suggest I get when I do save up? People may see it as one of the symptoms of being a shopaholic but I would prefer to call it the shopping remedy OR stress-releasing remedy. <3

Love Blue #kose

Back of the packet.
How it looks inside.
Close up too look at the condition of the sheet mask.
The whole of the mask. So hard to spread it open for you to see properly. The upper lip part is cut in half for your convenience.
Pardon me for my clothes and bald forehead. Not placed well.
A closer take for the better placed upper lip mask part. ^^

 The stream of pictures below are just for fun. Credits the hair styling to my baby brother, Mr. K. ^^

The Classic Broom :)

The Mermaid's Tail

The Helicopter (my brother said)

The Helicopter take 2!

Queen of Hearts. *my ass*
The Retarded Twin of The Great Maleficent (while doing mask). Alike?

(excluding my background, sleeping t-shirt, hair tie & bangles around my wrists, my mask, too looong hair and not to forget, my dumb dumb hand position)

Want a comparison of the true Maleficent?
Here you go! ^^

My perfect sister! ^^

Thank you for reading! ^^ 

Cheek Mask No?

So so sorry for not being as active as I used to be. Hmm. I was just not in the mood for it as I am more concerned in my personal stuff lately.

Well, what do you think this post is about? ^^

Cheek mask?? Is there such mask? Hmm, I think such cheek mask does exist right?

Anyhow, the current post will not be on cheek mask. XD It's actually an eye mask from Dermal. We ordered two different functions of eye mask from Koreadepart. Do have a read of their excellent delivery service from my sister's blog here. Currently I have tried the Rich moisture Eye Patch. It is in a green packet of 6g. It costs 1.95 USD for 5 pieces of the eye patch!

This is how the front packaging of the eye mask looks like.

All the information at the back is in korean words. Can't understand at all. >.<"

This Dermal Rich Moisture Eye Patch has this advanced moisture eye care system which helps to provide moisture and protection for our delicate eyes. The pieces of masks contains essence not too much nor too little. Just nice enough for it to maintain moisture and stick to my cheek eye throughout the whole 20 minutes of application.

How to use:
1. After cleansing, calm your face with toner first.
2. Attach the sheet mask on your face tightly.
3. About 20-25 minutes later, remove the mask and tap your face lightly.

The eye mask piece is so big. Initially I doubted the position that I have placed.

Glad that my cheeks are moisturized too <3

The slits are the small line thing at the lower cheek area.

Just a question, can I actually place the whole mask across my eyes and sleep instead since it is soooo big. I think it is big enough to cover my eyes and I should sleep and relax my eye muscles. Or? What do you think?

It smells somewhat sweet and fruity. The eye masks are super thin and light upon application. It is thin enough that I can still wear my glasses and watch movie from my laptop with my baby brother. There were 2 slits cut at each eye mask and I don't really know why it us needed. Maybe it was there for better placement of the mask, as in it can be placed perfectly even at curved edges and etc (eg. more protruding cheekbones oe something). I also like it because I think it doubles as a cheek mask ^^ More moisturized cheeks indeed! ^^ Eye area and cheeks were definitely much more moisturized and supple. No stickiness after essence were absorbed into the skin. Big love for it!!

-moisture, nutrition, & mild
- "amino acid complex and marine collagen promotes elasticity and energy for healthy eye area" (as cited in itself).

Will I repurchase?
YES! I think my cheek and eye area sipped plenty of water. It is of a pleasant scent. No stickiness felt after the application is over. Very satisfied with the moisturizing effect after application.

#BigLove #NoMoreThirsty #MoisturizedGaoGao

Thank you for reading this! Have a good night!

Review: FaceQ Mask

Hello lovelies, how was you day?

Mine have been quite dull and I need to find a job. Honestly speaking, today would be my day 3 in viewing over jobs offered in jobstreet. So far, most of it don't seem like the "fun" job as desired. I supposed real corporate world are like that? I mean, hmm, it should be rephrased as such: "As long as it is something not of our preference, it would not be the "fun" that we would choose to seek in the offered job position". To be real honest here, I have been dreading and not wanting this day to come forth. I was even trying to bury it to my unconscious until yesterday. Got to discipline myself and search online for it. Before this, I was really looking forward to it when my last paper of degree was done but that eagerness faded when I was sitting back and relaxing at home until now.

Well, anyway, here's a mask review to relax myself awhile and continue with my search later on,...,and on, and on, till I find a job. The mask have been receiving great reviews over other blogs. There are also a few that isn't so great about it. Disregard of all the positive and negative comments, I would still want to give it a try since my sister recommended me to buy it last year.

I bought a box of faceQ mask (10 pieces each) with my sister last year at MaskSlim. She bought the purple box while I bought the red one. We then exchange 5 pieces each (smart way to save huh?).

So what do consumers like you who buy masks look at the first thing before you buy the product? Well, for me, I look for the expiry date first! I would prefer it to be a year or two from the current year. Just to be on the safe side (almost anything) since I use them so slow (the main reason for using the products slow are plain laziness, undeniable).

Getting back, I bought this FaceQ - Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 mask

It is made of 100%  wood pulp sheets (30g each).

That's the rest of the information in Chinese which I barely can fully comprehend. #sadcase

How to use:
1. Apply mask on cleansed and toned face.
2. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
3. Remove mask (from chin and in the upward direction).
4. Tap to enhance the absorption of the serum.
5. Follow by night cream/whatever products that is in your routine.
*You can use this mask between 1-3 times a week*

What stands out:
1. "Chamomile" is a healing agent which helps to treat eczema, acne, soothe skin rash as well as minor
2. Rehydrates, whitening & brightening, oil control, reduces appearances of fine lines and spots, and serves as an antioxidant to the skin.
*(Whatever claims of the product as written in point 2 is what I found from other reviews online)*

My thought:
About the scent, I think it smells light and fresh. There are quite some essence in the packet but I usually just throw it away as to avoid any dripping of essence of the mask (I did not try to apply more essence onto the masks to see if it does or not, shall update when I do!!). I think it does make my face brighter and am glad that the remaining essence leaves a non-sticky feeling on my skin once it is all dried. However, I cannot answer now as to whether it does what it says for the lightening of fine lines and spots as only on a long term basis only I can tell. My face is definitely not oily a few more hours after that. The con is that it does not wrapped well around my face which leaves me looking like the pug....sad looking "human pug" here. Argh

That's my pug-looking selfie
(No offense to any pug and pug lovers. It is just an example and I have no bad intention about it. I know that pugs are adorable as I am a dog lover!)(pardon me for looking manly here =.= )

Here is the purple packet of FaceQ - Grape Seed + Green Tea mask

100% wood pulp sheets

Information at the back (30g).

Closer view (if you can comprehend it). That's the expiry date 2015, just nice for a snail slow user like me.

How to use:
1. Apply mask on cleansed and toned face.
2. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
3. Remove mask (from chin and in the upward direction).
4. Tap to enhance the absorption of the serum.
5. Follow by night cream/whatever products that is in your routine.
*You can use this mask between 1-3 times a week*

What stands out:
1. Antioxidant
2. Whitening and brightening
3. Enhance skin elasticity (Grape seed, you rock!)
4. Moisturising
*(Whatever claims of the product as written in from point 1 to 4 are what I found from other reviews online)*

My thought:
I was looking forward to the scent but it was rather weird. Artificial maybe and not much of a grape or tea smell. There are quite some essence which I did not manage to finish. It does leave a smooth finish when the remaining essence is all well-absorbed into the brighter-looking skin. The con for this mask is the same, me looking like a "human pug".

Front view. The mask do not fit my face well making me looking like a "human pug" once again.
(pardon me for looking manly here =.= )

Side view for a closer look of how it all not fit my face.
(pardon me for looking manly here =.= )