Witch Hazel Anti-Acne Mask

Background information:
This is a sheet mask from Taiwan called Annie's Way. There are various series for the mask. The main series are made of the whitening (you may read about it here), the  hydrating, the aging, the sensitive and also the anti-acne series (I am not too sure about the mentioned series as there are a lack of information from the pages I have viewed online). The green packet that I have had used is for combating acne. There are around 4 or 5 kinds of different masks with different purpose/ingredients under the acne series too.

Mask series:

Name of Mask:
Witch Hazel

As claimed:
Witch hazel extract is a natural pore minimizer. It cleans up clogged pores and oily secretions, leaving your skin visibly clean, smooth and toned .

How to use:
After you have cleansed your face, apply the mask on your face and remove it after 15 minutes. Follow on with your day/night cream.

My Thought:
Firstly, there are plenty of essence in the packet (that's good right?). After squeezing the excess essence it doesn't drip when the mask is applied on the face (I love it!!) Next, the scent-wise, I am unsure of how to describe it other than the feeling that it smells similar to antibiotic/cough medicine-- but slightly milder? Hmm. (Argh!) Other than that, the sheet mask quality in my perspective is good and elastic-ish. I can easily adjust and tug the sheet mask so that it fits kind of perfectly and well on my face. In my opinion, it does suit people with small face. ^^ (Love love! I am not saying that I have small face!)

 After removing the mask, the remaining essence was absorbed rather fast after tapping my face and it doesn't leave any sticky sensation. Redness went off and the bumps hmm, I don't know, less bumpy but the bump is still there. Lol. No immediate effect but would be good in the long run! :)

Good morning!!!

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