The Sweet Escape

Who: Ms S, Mr I

Why the place? Saw Mr I's post on Facebook. Positive appraisals with the comment of not-too-sweet, petite, beautiful desserts. How can I not have a try myself? So we decided to go to the place and have our catch up chat there too.

Date: 23052014 (Friday)

Venue: Petit Noms

This wonderful place is founded by "two indulgent freaks who serves a fusion of European cuisine with the Asian taste." For more information, please go to their Omnom page! ^^
It is situated at:
Lot 125 (First Floor), Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

We went to this delightful, serene place exactly a week from now and the images I see there is still easily retrieved from my mind. This simply means that the place is great (as I have a bad memory these days due to the inactivity of my brain for the past one month plus for not exactly using my brain other than drafting blog posts, watch movies and so forth). It is exceptionally a nice place for people to have catch up sessions with the petite desserts or even throwing birthday bash there.

Before we proceed to the shop of the delightful desserts, below are the surrounding views of Empire Damansara:

Upon coming up from the staircase of the parking lot, you will see this aisle of umbrella with colors of blue and pink ^^

A closer view of the blue umbrellas: Love the blue actually! ^^ The little things or black specks of things are actually decos of butterflies.

Okay. Maybe  a closer view for the pink umbrellas too, to be fair. ^^

This is how part of the toilet looks like: The basin and wall. So classic and chic-looking basin. Love how the tap, basin, wall and lighting pulls the whole toilet look together. *interesting*

The brick theme for the whole place. I think it is nice place to take OOTD pictures. What do you think? ^^

Love the structure of the spiral staircase. Don't intend to take with the person there but uhh, you get me, nice place to take OOTD pictures, especially when the place is still empty! *wink*

The top view of the pretty looking umbrella decos ^^ #LoveShapes

Panorama shot at the third floor ^^ (My model  of the day, Ms S)
Panorama shot for the main attraction (in my opinion lah) at the third floor ^^

Feeling slightly shaky when walking down the spiral staircase. #LoveStructure #NotStable #EasyUpHardDown

The aisle of umbrella shot from the other side. Not bad huh? Love the theme of the place! <3
Just before we proceed further, let me recap a little thing my friends and I did together for the very first time as friends throughout our degree life:


A Star.

String of Stars.

A Rose.
We each had a tattoo together.
Guess who's who? ^^

Mine is the star, Ms S had the string of stars, while Mr I had the rose. FYI: We had our tattoo done at Dragon Fly in Midvalley. The person who did it was nice and friendly but I think it was slightly not too good in terms of its quality of its end product. This is because it felt sticky when I touched it while I was showering. Hmph. Feeling irritated, I scratched the remaining tattoo off while in the shower. My friend said maybe it was because the person sprayed too many times. In my previous experience of airbrushed tattoo, they aren't as sticky. However, this experience won't stop me from getting my next airbrushed tattoo! *wink*

Got a little side tracked. Sorry for that. Hmm, let us continue with the sweet treats at "Petit Noms" :)

So here is the side of the entrance of the shop (Ooopps, I was in a hurry to the toilet and did not manage to snap the entrance of the place. This will do for now okay?) ^^

Simply pretty right?

Upon entering you will first see the many gorgeous sweet treats here. OMG. My eyes were dazzled by the many colors in the freezer and it took me a while to decide on what I exactly wanted to try. Initially, I wanted to try several slices of cakes, however needing to "jaga image" (the closest definition that I can think of is to be more self-behave, aka take care of my image or take care of my reputation) and also be more careful with my sugar level, I have decided to only choose one slice of cake first while seeing what my friends choose. I chose The Opera, Ms S chose the Cheesecake, while Mr I said something which made us all laughed. ^^

Hmm. Which would you choose? Going for macaroons or cakes??

FYI: They also serve other desserts too. I see cupcakes that day! Their kitchen stuff wasn't fully there so we have yet to taste their fusion cuisine. We will definitely come again to taste what we haven't! ^^

The petite, sweet indulgence for sweet toothers (image as taken from the Facebook page of Petit Noms)

Mr I (much more crazy over desserts than the both of us) ordered for all colors off macaroons. He said, "I want all! Two for each of the colours." while pointing at the beautifully laid out macaroons. Lol. When someone is so daring and ordered so much at once, there is 3 reasons that I can think of (not all are relevant or proven, just reasons proposed without proof). 
  1. The person knows that the desserts there are so so good and that he LOVES it so so much! OR,
  2. They are just a D.D (which simply means Dummy for Dessert or fan for dessert; "dummy" in a good way I mean! No offense!). They'll just eat any new desserts in a dessert shop and/or order like crazy and try it for the sake of being a dessert lover? OR,
  3. Desserts are comfort food for whatever mood one is in and probably so coincidentally, their food for comfort are various kinds of dessert.
  • As for Mr I, he ordered that many because he knows that they're good- the texture of the macaroon is not too soft nor hard but nice enough to cut and bite.
  • It is also not overly sweetened, just nice for anyone (I think)!!! <3 <3 <3
  • Plus point is, you won't be that worried in regards to have diabetes because they are seriously not tooooooo sweeetttt! Trust me and my kaki-desserters!! (living in Malaysia, this is my must-have word in my 'rojak' dictionary! ^^)

So here are the pictures of the gorgeous rainbow-coloured macaroons from different angles ^^

Top view of the macaroons, cake on each side, and also the teapot and glass of water! 

A closer look of the pretty stacks of colors! (From left clockwise: Raspberry Macaroon, Chocolate Macaroon, Vanilla Macaroon, Hazelnut Macaroon, and also Passion Fruit Macaroon

Our thoughts (summarized) about the macaroons:
(#hashtags# are the keypoint to my thought about the macaroons)

Raspberry Macaroon: It does really taste raspberry-like when consuming it in the whole and the cream in-between tastes yoghurt-like for me. Hmm, too sour for me. Mr I however loves it like  A LOT. Ms S finds it alright. Sour is just not my cup of tea, except when the taste of sour fuses with spicy then I will definitely eat like crazy (example of food that fuses both sour and spicy is: kimchi & tomyam; that's all I can think of now.) #SourFan

Passion Fruit Macaroon: It is okay. Not to my preference of my tastebuds. Can't comment much. Hmm, others are fine with it. #NtgMuchToSay #YouLikePassion?

Vanilla Macaroon: I love, love, love the cream the most of course! At first without knowing what it is made of I thought it tasted like yam. After knowing, still I think it tastes like yam. Paiseh. Anyhow, I love this the most! Cream is super soft and not overly sweet! So I think I can say that I am a fan for vanilla! #Unforgettable #VanillaLove =)

Chocolate Macaroon: It is covered with shredded hazelnut. In whole, you will envelope your tastebuds with a rich enough chocolate-y taste! My third favourite flavour for the macaroons here.  #ChocolateHeaven

Hazelnut Macaroon: It is made of hazelnut and its cream tastes purely like hazelnut cream or just like peanut butter and jam. Yummy! My second favourite! #CreamyPeanutButter

Overall, all the macaroons indeed are easily cut into half yet remain slightly crunchy where needed. It is also not overly sweet as compared to the other over-sweetened macaroon (or can I just call them the ball of sugar macaroons?) that may be too hard or too soft. OMG. That is the time when I feel like I will be getting diabetes or that I am eating a rock of sugar. But, not to the macaroons here at Petit Noms. It is just #heavenly

Rating for macaroons: 9/10 (in my opinion!)

Next, came our cakes. we first tried on the cake named "Opera" .

Person A thinks that it tastes like coffee.
Person B thinks that it tastes like tiramisu.
Person C thinks that it tastes like... (eh-hem)...


"You serious?" my friends were asking and finds it hilarious.
 Lol. Okay. That person C is me.
Still looking innocent and cheeky like this cute guy down here.
Kopiko is a kind of coffee brand and coffee does somehow taste similar to tiramisu but it is not.
So my justification for my answer sounds alright then? *grin* 

(image taken online)
When one of the staff asks for the feedback we said that it tastes like tiramisu (this answer sounds the most appropriate/relevant). The staff then said that it is indeed similar to tiramisu but it is not. Lol. How does that makes sense to my friend as to her taste buds, it totally tastes like tiramisu. So she wonders if it is the presentation of the cake that differs but that the taste of the cake remains the same? *scratch head*

Overall review for Opera:
  • "Chiffon part can be slightly more moist"
  • "Rating: 7/10"
  • "Reason: Not smooth enough for the overall texture. Base of the cake slightly tough so it would give a slightly teeny-tiny trouble to cut the cake into pieces when one is to test the cake and share among friends. The upper layer is not easily cut too...Okay, I take back my words, maybe it is supposed to be that way? I like its taste but is it supposed to be like some form of chocolate "agar-agar"? It is not agar-agar but it is indeed slightly chewy" *smile*
  • "Totally recommend to coffee lovers as it contains pure taste of coffee yet it is not over-empowering"
  • "As a non-coffee drinker like me, I find it alright"
  • "We love the layers of the cake that kind of help to balance out the taste well" ^^

This Cheesecake definitely ends our "Omnom-nom day" out well for Cheese lovers like Ms S and I. ^^

Cheesecake with a melt-in-mouth biscuit base, cream cheese on the top and also a thin slice of the chocolate "agar-agar" thing which complements well with the smooth, rich cheese on the whole! <3

Overall review of the Cheesecake: 
  • "Smooth, rich & not heavy."
  • "Melts in mouth."
  • "Nice on first bite".... BUT.... "becomes OVERWHELMING upon continuous eating of it till the end of it."
  • They also have this, "melt in your mouth kind of biscuit!"
What cheese lovers think is that you should just start and end with this cake so you won't feel too stuffy or full with desserts as we have devoured in all flavours of macaroons and the Opera before eating it. It should make your tummy feel heavenly! We will definitely com back for this heavenly cheesecake!!!!

That's all we have?

Oh no, one more to go for the each of us.

Us with our favourite macaroon of the day. Guess again who's who? ^^
Top view of the block of colours! ^^ #motd (Macaroon of the day)

Closer view of the macaroons ^^

Ms S goes for hazelnut macaroon. Mr I go for raspberry macaroon. I definitely go for the vanilla yam macaroon. ^^

**FYI, have the desserts with tea! That day we were having the earl grey tea thus there's the nice cooling sensation. It did leave a nice feeling to your mouth. We do not exactly know how to describe that 'nice' feeling but it definitely helped in reducing the intensity of the taste of the dessert you just ate. Nonetheless, you should really really got to try it! ^^

Let's take a look around their shop.
Minimalistic is the key (as mentioned by Occam's Razor, aka, the law of parsimony). We love how the minimal details have pulled the whole look of the shop. It gives a serene feeling so at that point of time I was feeling and thinking not much of whatever that I was worried about.

Panorama shot of the whole place of Petit Noms (by IPhone).

Panorama shot of the whole place with the balcony view on the left (by IPhone)

Our nom-noms date ends ^^

1, 2, 3 Cheers!

That's one of the boss of Petit Noms, Michael Wong! ^^

Do visit Petit Noms when you are in the mood for desserts/catch up/birthday bash or any form of celebration and we promise you will not regret this choice! Not overly sweet, not too hard, just perfect for people who is giving their first try for macaroons here! When the kitchen is up and running, fusion food of the Europeans and Asian will be serve! (I can't wait!)

Thank you for reading this and stay tune for the next nom-nom blog *schedule schedule*. ^^


  1. I love this post so much. Haha. Especially how u describe the Opera cake tasting like kopiko.

  2. Haha. Thank you thank you. Wanted to present It in another way but couldn't do it so yeah. Will try it again next time. Thank you for your compliment! :)

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