You will be Missed

Today will be a short post on dear Mr Kenneth Phun, a lecturer & head of Department of Psychology, who has passed away. I got the notification from my friend Ms S yesterday (3rd May 2014) and immediately went to the online site of my university. It was such a shock.  All too sudden. I just cannot accept the fact.

Although I only had one class taught by Mr Kenneth and didnt know exactly how he was as a person, he definitely did leave me with good memory, humor, & inspiration. I thank you for all that Mr Kenneth. Mr Kenneth was one of my first lecturer when I first enrolled into my first year first semester at HELP University in the batch of May 2011.

He was always so full of life when giving a lecture and he was always so into games. I love games and thats what caught my attention when I first met him. We know about his boy & family and I knew much more of how great he was through the many people who posted on FB.

You will be missed Mr Kenneth. 
Deepest condolences.

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