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I realized that I haven't have it posted and left in my draft box for so so long after seeing my sister posted a review on it. Do check it out her blog as it is a great read and there are demonstrations! Pure laziness and bad memory of mine I supposed. Argh.

A little information before I blab on about this product:
It comes in a 250g pump bottle for 100++ MYR usually but my sister got it for me around 90++ MYR during some promotion period offered some time ago. It was definitely worth it!! ^^ This product has now become my MUST-HAVE routine where I will definitely use this product for at least once a week.

A quick snap of the bottle of CURE Natural Aqua Gel. I don't regret buying it. Definitely restock when it's about to run out! ^^

I got to know about this product via my elder sister who introduced me to Melodee Morita Youtube channel. I love her videos. Very informative in such a short time. Go visit her channel if you haven't!! Here is the video link (Fyi. This is the video that I love best!):

Directions to use:
1. Cleanse you skin and towel or tissue dry your face.
2. Pump 3-5 times (an appropriate amount) on your palm and spread on your face (or any other areaas which you would like to have your dead skin removed eg. neck, underarm, elbow and etc).
3. After a minute or 15 seconds, you can start rubbing your face in gentle secular motions (DO NOT RUB ROUGHLY!!). You will then see white stuff forming. That's the dead skin or dirt that is being removed from your face (or where ever you have applied)!
4. Rinse well when you are done massaging. 
5. Do follow your usual toner, serum and moisturiser routine!
**Alert: For best effect, finish using this product between 3-4 months after opening. The advised period of finishing the product is within 6 months**

Instant smoothness of skin. Brighter skin too! My skin can breathe better too!^^

The sales person told me that we can use for about two times a week. Even if you use it for more than two times in a week it is fine, just that you are going to waste the product as you will not be removing as much dead skin as the first time you did. So, you get what I mean right?

Just a small tip: Do use this after you have removed make up using make up remover as well as cleanser as I feel it makes my skin cleaner from the inside. ^^ (Do any of you do that too?or is it just me. Lol.)

Go buy this product if you haven't coz you will never regret for getting this! I promise! <3

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