Nap that Makes Me Angry

I had a nap on the 25052014 as it is a lazy Sunday. It's not like any other nap, I swear. How would you spend your Sunday?  ^^ hangout with friends/family, yam cha, movie, sleep or? I would prefer to have my time well spent with my family/loved ones even if we aren't doing anything in specific. Once a while I would love to have a good "Me" time. :) "Me" time would refer to the desired deep silence sleep that would consequently leaves me rejuvenated. Just like the snoopy image below ^^

Sleep is a luxurious investment in my opinion and I gladly can still enjoy it now (image taken on Google)

Most unimaginable & astonishing dream for me today (a few days ago actually, lol).
Are you kidding me? I need a peaceful rest that leaves me refreshing when I wake up!!
Although I have been doing nothing for a month plus (academically I mean) but I still feel the stress inside me. The stress in need of job, results and so on. Hmph.

Getting back to the topic. Have any of you dream about someone that made you angry in your dream and the next thing is the person called you (via phone or see you face-to-face) and you felt angry at the person too?

I just experienced it today and I was already feeling very irritated upon opening my eyes. It is so not good!

Feeling all "pekchik" which means irritated (image taken on Google) 

That's how I look and feel like deep inside of me although I may look calm and all while having my face covered with my hands. Hmm.

So my dream goes something like this:
[Setting: In car. My mama is driving while my little sister sits beside my mother at the passenger's seat.  Bf and I are at the backseat.]
Bf: (Bf applies something cooling on my face) This is what I am talking about.
Me: What did you apply?
Little sister: Oh oh, big sis will scold you.
Bf: (signal to the tub of jar with a small spatula still stuck there) Coming to think of it, it may probably be the snail moisturiser tub thing of my big sis.
Me: Why did you do that? My sis will kill me. I gotta top it up from my tub!
Bf: (laughs)
Me: (angry and removes spatula)

*ring ring*

(Open eyes. Answer call.)

Bf on the line and asked me to wake up already as he is already in the front door waiting for me to go out for dinner.

My response:
"Baby. Don't make me angry okay. You made me angry in my dream. Don't talk to me now. Wait for me. I'll be out. "
[saying in the staccato mode.]

(Got into the car)

His reaction:
"What did I do to you in your dream?"

(Said exactly what I remembered in the dream) *blah blah blah* (fastforward and talked with my hands covering my face)


*laughed together* (I am dumb. I know. But I can't help it.)

After dinner, my mood was so so good cause I finally get to eat the small green chillie ^^ haven't been eating spicy stuff for several days. Days without chillie is the most torturous moments of my life. When I see food I just feel so bored and ain't enjoying my food for the past few days. Finally I can have a good night sleep today for the dinner was so satisfactory. Most of all, I get to eat chillie padi and also drink 3 small cups of pu-er finally *oh yeah baby!*

That's all for tonight, have you have such similar experience before? A dream that makes you feel irritated/angry at the person that you consequently see when you open your eyes the next minute? >:0

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