My Colloquium Experience 2014

Date: 19 April 2014
Event: Colloquium at HELP University in the department of B. Psychology
Feeling: Great experience and congrats to those who won in their presentations!

Long overdue post!

Colloquium is basically an academic conference/seminar where people share their findings and inspire others along. It was fun and interesting as I have witnessed many researchers' studies and it has added invaluable knowledge to mine.

We share ideas/findings and improve together  :)

For your information, I am someone who has the world's greatest sense of stage fright ever since I was in standard six. I was rarely exposed to situations where I need to present something alone in front of a class or so. When such situation arises, I would always practice in front of a mirror prior to the day of presenting and still tremble like shit when presenting on that day. For this colloquium, all third year students, especially, were compulsory to present their research and findings. Upon knowing that, I was worried. What if I tremble and got stuck somewhere when presenting? What if I fall of some where in front of the crowd? What if..... I stopped myself thinking about all that approximately one week before the day of colloquium.

A day before the day of the colloquium, I did rehearsed and hope that all my "What-Ifs" don't occur in reality. Didn't think much and just rehearse. Did small cards to recall for each slides and practised again in the morning. One and a half hour prior to my presentation, I slept off during one of the presenter's presentation. Felt terribly sorry for her but after my sleep I wasn't that anxious anymore. Phew,maybe. ^^ I was shaking a bit upon arriving my venue for presentation. It was at Kpd A-A2. What? It's like a big hall. It wasn't that big. Not much people are present too so it was alright.

When presenting I had my friend, Ms. S, to help me with the clicking of slides as I wasn't confident that I will be able to multitask since all my rehearsal don't include the clicking of slides. Thank you so so much Ms. S. ^^ For the presentation I reminded my self to not look at my cards as I was afraid that I will rely too much on my card and read instead of present. I was also not really presenting in detail as I was anxious slightly after the time keeper flashed me some signs of how many minutes was left (argh).

Once the presentation was over, I tried my best in answering the questions of the judge. The judge was kind but slightly not understand where my approach was coming from. I did not noticed that and felt bad but soon realized it after I have received feedback from my friend Ms S and others in the room of the presentation. Ms. S said that I was the least panicky outta the three years of presentations in my degree. I was also told that I did my best in reporting the findings when questioned so I do not need to feel that bad.

It was also pleasant to hear all the encouraging comments but I just hope I did better in explaining the details of my findings, as mentioned, I got panicky when the time keeper was flashing me signs of dunno how many minutes were left (I can't see the numbers, omg....!). Argh. So I rushed on the findings and skipped quite some details so it is as if I am highlighting key points of my study---so not enough!! But it's alright.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have participated in my study, those who helped, no matter it's the moral or physical support as well as the guidance of my supervisor and friends. I can clearly said that although you were tough on me when I first met you but clearly you have pushed me to my limits in a way and I have learned much more than I would have if you didn't pushed me so. I am thankful of what's learnt and hope that this time my report is okay (though I found some errors...omg..).

In short, I learnt that I can clearly overcome my fear when I know exactly of where I am going and what I am doing. This research is like my baby. I mean, it is honestly something that I am in charge of alone and anything is decided solely by one person (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP AND GUIDANCE!!). I feel so glad for I am given the chance for this experience.

Thank you HELP University of B. Psychology!
Thank you Ms. T!!
Thank you all!!!

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