Throwback! Visiting this place was a spontaneous/random choice together with my love.




Ippudo Malaysia (Lot G110 Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 






I have heard from my old friend Ms M about her cravings and love for the food there for like the past two years I think. She was telling me if I ever go I should order the original one. I said okay okay. After approximately two years only I came to this store. Just in time to blog about it. <3


Almost zero. *sad case* Only seen in k-dramas or movies. Mostly go for Asian or western or Japanese or even tom yum. And cakes!!!

OUR STORY there:

Upon arrival, Boyfriend and I was flipping through the menu. When I wanted to order it already my boyfriend told me it's not his cup of tea. [I was pek-chik. Why don't he tell me earlier?!] Well, anyways, I just ordered us the "Spicy Tacos" and gave him my sad face (big eyes with a slightly inverted "U" for my lips...lol).

He then said, "Okay okay, just order it. You eat okay? I know you're hungry."

I looked at him with my sad face again (still the big eyes and slightly inverted "U" for my lips...lol...can''t help it!). 

He said, "Okay, I'll share one bowl with you okay?"

Then I grinned at him (definitely my smallest eyes and my "U-est"-looking lips!). ^^

So I simply ordered "Aka Tamago" (forgot to take down the full name of the dish but took down the name as according to the receipt). I kept flipping but see no word of "original" anywhere....I think. So I just simply chose this. The egg was nice. Soft but not raw. Yum yum. However the noodle wasn't to my expectation. Most probably I have unconsciously raised my benchmark from the many previous appraisals that I have heard/seen from my friends and the many people using Instagram posting their #foodgram #foodgasm and etc. :)

This is the noodle we had.

(Without flash taken by Samsung Note 2)
The taco was very nice in my opinion. I love the spicy minced meat especially. However I ate it so slow 'cause I feel obligated to eat it so carefully so as to avoid any fillings dropping out.

The taco (taken without flash by Samsung Note 2)
The taco (taken by Samsung Note 2 with flash)
In conclusion, I need to eat out with friends who are into Korean food instead of going with my boy as he wasn't interested in it and we are like trying the dish blindly... >.<" [  it can be a good thing right? Maybe huh? Oh well, but eating with recommendation of friends would definitely be much easier in tasting what's Great! ;)  ]

I definitely would recommend the taco!!! ^^

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