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MUSE, Sunway Pyramid

17th Feb 2014

Claims made by product:
Hydrates skin from inside out. Improve the tone and appearance of skin by enhancing the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Apply generously to clean face day and night.

Plus point:
Other than the many good reviews that I have come upon, it is also an ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE product and is specially formulated and produced by ampm skincare experts! ^^

My personal experience:
This is my first time buying a serum as I really feel that the moisturiser that I am currently using at times is just not that nourishing/moisturising enough for my skin (I have oily skin...However oily it may seem from the surface,  it practically means that underneath the oiliness lies a layer of skin that is actually dying of thirst). Upon the first contact of the serum with my back of my wrist (as seen in the picture above), it felt really cold. Looks clear. And upon application to my cleansed and dried face, it feels like my face has absorb the serum quite quickly. After using this product consistently for a month plus it has really been hydrating my face and my usual appearance of wrinkle across my forehead (due to my actions of looking upward----I hate this!) has reduced. I swear. No lies. ^^ I love how my skin drinks up the serum. Still using it till today. :)

Will I ever repurchase this product?
Big damn YES!!

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