Nap that Makes Me Angry

I had a nap on the 25052014 as it is a lazy Sunday. It's not like any other nap, I swear. How would you spend your Sunday?  ^^ hangout with friends/family, yam cha, movie, sleep or? I would prefer to have my time well spent with my family/loved ones even if we aren't doing anything in specific. Once a while I would love to have a good "Me" time. :) "Me" time would refer to the desired deep silence sleep that would consequently leaves me rejuvenated. Just like the snoopy image below ^^

Sleep is a luxurious investment in my opinion and I gladly can still enjoy it now (image taken on Google)

Most unimaginable & astonishing dream for me today (a few days ago actually, lol).
Are you kidding me? I need a peaceful rest that leaves me refreshing when I wake up!!
Although I have been doing nothing for a month plus (academically I mean) but I still feel the stress inside me. The stress in need of job, results and so on. Hmph.

Getting back to the topic. Have any of you dream about someone that made you angry in your dream and the next thing is the person called you (via phone or see you face-to-face) and you felt angry at the person too?

I just experienced it today and I was already feeling very irritated upon opening my eyes. It is so not good!

Feeling all "pekchik" which means irritated (image taken on Google) 

That's how I look and feel like deep inside of me although I may look calm and all while having my face covered with my hands. Hmm.

So my dream goes something like this:
[Setting: In car. My mama is driving while my little sister sits beside my mother at the passenger's seat.  Bf and I are at the backseat.]
Bf: (Bf applies something cooling on my face) This is what I am talking about.
Me: What did you apply?
Little sister: Oh oh, big sis will scold you.
Bf: (signal to the tub of jar with a small spatula still stuck there) Coming to think of it, it may probably be the snail moisturiser tub thing of my big sis.
Me: Why did you do that? My sis will kill me. I gotta top it up from my tub!
Bf: (laughs)
Me: (angry and removes spatula)

*ring ring*

(Open eyes. Answer call.)

Bf on the line and asked me to wake up already as he is already in the front door waiting for me to go out for dinner.

My response:
"Baby. Don't make me angry okay. You made me angry in my dream. Don't talk to me now. Wait for me. I'll be out. "
[saying in the staccato mode.]

(Got into the car)

His reaction:
"What did I do to you in your dream?"

(Said exactly what I remembered in the dream) *blah blah blah* (fastforward and talked with my hands covering my face)


*laughed together* (I am dumb. I know. But I can't help it.)

After dinner, my mood was so so good cause I finally get to eat the small green chillie ^^ haven't been eating spicy stuff for several days. Days without chillie is the most torturous moments of my life. When I see food I just feel so bored and ain't enjoying my food for the past few days. Finally I can have a good night sleep today for the dinner was so satisfactory. Most of all, I get to eat chillie padi and also drink 3 small cups of pu-er finally *oh yeah baby!*

That's all for tonight, have you have such similar experience before? A dream that makes you feel irritated/angry at the person that you consequently see when you open your eyes the next minute? >:0

The Sweet Escape

Who: Ms S, Mr I

Why the place? Saw Mr I's post on Facebook. Positive appraisals with the comment of not-too-sweet, petite, beautiful desserts. How can I not have a try myself? So we decided to go to the place and have our catch up chat there too.

Date: 23052014 (Friday)

Venue: Petit Noms

This wonderful place is founded by "two indulgent freaks who serves a fusion of European cuisine with the Asian taste." For more information, please go to their Omnom page! ^^
It is situated at:
Lot 125 (First Floor), Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

We went to this delightful, serene place exactly a week from now and the images I see there is still easily retrieved from my mind. This simply means that the place is great (as I have a bad memory these days due to the inactivity of my brain for the past one month plus for not exactly using my brain other than drafting blog posts, watch movies and so forth). It is exceptionally a nice place for people to have catch up sessions with the petite desserts or even throwing birthday bash there.

Before we proceed to the shop of the delightful desserts, below are the surrounding views of Empire Damansara:

Upon coming up from the staircase of the parking lot, you will see this aisle of umbrella with colors of blue and pink ^^

A closer view of the blue umbrellas: Love the blue actually! ^^ The little things or black specks of things are actually decos of butterflies.

Okay. Maybe  a closer view for the pink umbrellas too, to be fair. ^^

This is how part of the toilet looks like: The basin and wall. So classic and chic-looking basin. Love how the tap, basin, wall and lighting pulls the whole toilet look together. *interesting*

The brick theme for the whole place. I think it is nice place to take OOTD pictures. What do you think? ^^

Love the structure of the spiral staircase. Don't intend to take with the person there but uhh, you get me, nice place to take OOTD pictures, especially when the place is still empty! *wink*

The top view of the pretty looking umbrella decos ^^ #LoveShapes

Panorama shot at the third floor ^^ (My model  of the day, Ms S)
Panorama shot for the main attraction (in my opinion lah) at the third floor ^^

Feeling slightly shaky when walking down the spiral staircase. #LoveStructure #NotStable #EasyUpHardDown

The aisle of umbrella shot from the other side. Not bad huh? Love the theme of the place! <3
Just before we proceed further, let me recap a little thing my friends and I did together for the very first time as friends throughout our degree life:


A Star.

String of Stars.

A Rose.
We each had a tattoo together.
Guess who's who? ^^

Mine is the star, Ms S had the string of stars, while Mr I had the rose. FYI: We had our tattoo done at Dragon Fly in Midvalley. The person who did it was nice and friendly but I think it was slightly not too good in terms of its quality of its end product. This is because it felt sticky when I touched it while I was showering. Hmph. Feeling irritated, I scratched the remaining tattoo off while in the shower. My friend said maybe it was because the person sprayed too many times. In my previous experience of airbrushed tattoo, they aren't as sticky. However, this experience won't stop me from getting my next airbrushed tattoo! *wink*

Got a little side tracked. Sorry for that. Hmm, let us continue with the sweet treats at "Petit Noms" :)

So here is the side of the entrance of the shop (Ooopps, I was in a hurry to the toilet and did not manage to snap the entrance of the place. This will do for now okay?) ^^

Simply pretty right?

Upon entering you will first see the many gorgeous sweet treats here. OMG. My eyes were dazzled by the many colors in the freezer and it took me a while to decide on what I exactly wanted to try. Initially, I wanted to try several slices of cakes, however needing to "jaga image" (the closest definition that I can think of is to be more self-behave, aka take care of my image or take care of my reputation) and also be more careful with my sugar level, I have decided to only choose one slice of cake first while seeing what my friends choose. I chose The Opera, Ms S chose the Cheesecake, while Mr I said something which made us all laughed. ^^

Hmm. Which would you choose? Going for macaroons or cakes??

FYI: They also serve other desserts too. I see cupcakes that day! Their kitchen stuff wasn't fully there so we have yet to taste their fusion cuisine. We will definitely come again to taste what we haven't! ^^

The petite, sweet indulgence for sweet toothers (image as taken from the Facebook page of Petit Noms)

Mr I (much more crazy over desserts than the both of us) ordered for all colors off macaroons. He said, "I want all! Two for each of the colours." while pointing at the beautifully laid out macaroons. Lol. When someone is so daring and ordered so much at once, there is 3 reasons that I can think of (not all are relevant or proven, just reasons proposed without proof). 
  1. The person knows that the desserts there are so so good and that he LOVES it so so much! OR,
  2. They are just a D.D (which simply means Dummy for Dessert or fan for dessert; "dummy" in a good way I mean! No offense!). They'll just eat any new desserts in a dessert shop and/or order like crazy and try it for the sake of being a dessert lover? OR,
  3. Desserts are comfort food for whatever mood one is in and probably so coincidentally, their food for comfort are various kinds of dessert.
  • As for Mr I, he ordered that many because he knows that they're good- the texture of the macaroon is not too soft nor hard but nice enough to cut and bite.
  • It is also not overly sweetened, just nice for anyone (I think)!!! <3 <3 <3
  • Plus point is, you won't be that worried in regards to have diabetes because they are seriously not tooooooo sweeetttt! Trust me and my kaki-desserters!! (living in Malaysia, this is my must-have word in my 'rojak' dictionary! ^^)

So here are the pictures of the gorgeous rainbow-coloured macaroons from different angles ^^

Top view of the macaroons, cake on each side, and also the teapot and glass of water! 

A closer look of the pretty stacks of colors! (From left clockwise: Raspberry Macaroon, Chocolate Macaroon, Vanilla Macaroon, Hazelnut Macaroon, and also Passion Fruit Macaroon

Our thoughts (summarized) about the macaroons:
(#hashtags# are the keypoint to my thought about the macaroons)

Raspberry Macaroon: It does really taste raspberry-like when consuming it in the whole and the cream in-between tastes yoghurt-like for me. Hmm, too sour for me. Mr I however loves it like  A LOT. Ms S finds it alright. Sour is just not my cup of tea, except when the taste of sour fuses with spicy then I will definitely eat like crazy (example of food that fuses both sour and spicy is: kimchi & tomyam; that's all I can think of now.) #SourFan

Passion Fruit Macaroon: It is okay. Not to my preference of my tastebuds. Can't comment much. Hmm, others are fine with it. #NtgMuchToSay #YouLikePassion?

Vanilla Macaroon: I love, love, love the cream the most of course! At first without knowing what it is made of I thought it tasted like yam. After knowing, still I think it tastes like yam. Paiseh. Anyhow, I love this the most! Cream is super soft and not overly sweet! So I think I can say that I am a fan for vanilla! #Unforgettable #VanillaLove =)

Chocolate Macaroon: It is covered with shredded hazelnut. In whole, you will envelope your tastebuds with a rich enough chocolate-y taste! My third favourite flavour for the macaroons here.  #ChocolateHeaven

Hazelnut Macaroon: It is made of hazelnut and its cream tastes purely like hazelnut cream or just like peanut butter and jam. Yummy! My second favourite! #CreamyPeanutButter

Overall, all the macaroons indeed are easily cut into half yet remain slightly crunchy where needed. It is also not overly sweet as compared to the other over-sweetened macaroon (or can I just call them the ball of sugar macaroons?) that may be too hard or too soft. OMG. That is the time when I feel like I will be getting diabetes or that I am eating a rock of sugar. But, not to the macaroons here at Petit Noms. It is just #heavenly

Rating for macaroons: 9/10 (in my opinion!)

Next, came our cakes. we first tried on the cake named "Opera" .

Person A thinks that it tastes like coffee.
Person B thinks that it tastes like tiramisu.
Person C thinks that it tastes like... (eh-hem)...


"You serious?" my friends were asking and finds it hilarious.
 Lol. Okay. That person C is me.
Still looking innocent and cheeky like this cute guy down here.
Kopiko is a kind of coffee brand and coffee does somehow taste similar to tiramisu but it is not.
So my justification for my answer sounds alright then? *grin* 

(image taken online)
When one of the staff asks for the feedback we said that it tastes like tiramisu (this answer sounds the most appropriate/relevant). The staff then said that it is indeed similar to tiramisu but it is not. Lol. How does that makes sense to my friend as to her taste buds, it totally tastes like tiramisu. So she wonders if it is the presentation of the cake that differs but that the taste of the cake remains the same? *scratch head*

Overall review for Opera:
  • "Chiffon part can be slightly more moist"
  • "Rating: 7/10"
  • "Reason: Not smooth enough for the overall texture. Base of the cake slightly tough so it would give a slightly teeny-tiny trouble to cut the cake into pieces when one is to test the cake and share among friends. The upper layer is not easily cut too...Okay, I take back my words, maybe it is supposed to be that way? I like its taste but is it supposed to be like some form of chocolate "agar-agar"? It is not agar-agar but it is indeed slightly chewy" *smile*
  • "Totally recommend to coffee lovers as it contains pure taste of coffee yet it is not over-empowering"
  • "As a non-coffee drinker like me, I find it alright"
  • "We love the layers of the cake that kind of help to balance out the taste well" ^^

This Cheesecake definitely ends our "Omnom-nom day" out well for Cheese lovers like Ms S and I. ^^

Cheesecake with a melt-in-mouth biscuit base, cream cheese on the top and also a thin slice of the chocolate "agar-agar" thing which complements well with the smooth, rich cheese on the whole! <3

Overall review of the Cheesecake: 
  • "Smooth, rich & not heavy."
  • "Melts in mouth."
  • "Nice on first bite".... BUT.... "becomes OVERWHELMING upon continuous eating of it till the end of it."
  • They also have this, "melt in your mouth kind of biscuit!"
What cheese lovers think is that you should just start and end with this cake so you won't feel too stuffy or full with desserts as we have devoured in all flavours of macaroons and the Opera before eating it. It should make your tummy feel heavenly! We will definitely com back for this heavenly cheesecake!!!!

That's all we have?

Oh no, one more to go for the each of us.

Us with our favourite macaroon of the day. Guess again who's who? ^^
Top view of the block of colours! ^^ #motd (Macaroon of the day)

Closer view of the macaroons ^^

Ms S goes for hazelnut macaroon. Mr I go for raspberry macaroon. I definitely go for the vanilla yam macaroon. ^^

**FYI, have the desserts with tea! That day we were having the earl grey tea thus there's the nice cooling sensation. It did leave a nice feeling to your mouth. We do not exactly know how to describe that 'nice' feeling but it definitely helped in reducing the intensity of the taste of the dessert you just ate. Nonetheless, you should really really got to try it! ^^

Let's take a look around their shop.
Minimalistic is the key (as mentioned by Occam's Razor, aka, the law of parsimony). We love how the minimal details have pulled the whole look of the shop. It gives a serene feeling so at that point of time I was feeling and thinking not much of whatever that I was worried about.

Panorama shot of the whole place of Petit Noms (by IPhone).

Panorama shot of the whole place with the balcony view on the left (by IPhone)

Our nom-noms date ends ^^

1, 2, 3 Cheers!

That's one of the boss of Petit Noms, Michael Wong! ^^

Do visit Petit Noms when you are in the mood for desserts/catch up/birthday bash or any form of celebration and we promise you will not regret this choice! Not overly sweet, not too hard, just perfect for people who is giving their first try for macaroons here! When the kitchen is up and running, fusion food of the Europeans and Asian will be serve! (I can't wait!)

Thank you for reading this and stay tune for the next nom-nom blog *schedule schedule*. ^^

ampm skin care

ampm super triple HA serum




MUSE, Sunway Pyramid

17th Feb 2014

Claims made by product:
Hydrates skin from inside out. Improve the tone and appearance of skin by enhancing the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Apply generously to clean face day and night.

Plus point:
Other than the many good reviews that I have come upon, it is also an ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE product and is specially formulated and produced by ampm skincare experts! ^^

My personal experience:
This is my first time buying a serum as I really feel that the moisturiser that I am currently using at times is just not that nourishing/moisturising enough for my skin (I have oily skin...However oily it may seem from the surface,  it practically means that underneath the oiliness lies a layer of skin that is actually dying of thirst). Upon the first contact of the serum with my back of my wrist (as seen in the picture above), it felt really cold. Looks clear. And upon application to my cleansed and dried face, it feels like my face has absorb the serum quite quickly. After using this product consistently for a month plus it has really been hydrating my face and my usual appearance of wrinkle across my forehead (due to my actions of looking upward----I hate this!) has reduced. I swear. No lies. ^^ I love how my skin drinks up the serum. Still using it till today. :)

Will I ever repurchase this product?
Big damn YES!!

Witch Hazel Anti-Acne Mask

Background information:
This is a sheet mask from Taiwan called Annie's Way. There are various series for the mask. The main series are made of the whitening (you may read about it here), the  hydrating, the aging, the sensitive and also the anti-acne series (I am not too sure about the mentioned series as there are a lack of information from the pages I have viewed online). The green packet that I have had used is for combating acne. There are around 4 or 5 kinds of different masks with different purpose/ingredients under the acne series too.

Mask series:

Name of Mask:
Witch Hazel

As claimed:
Witch hazel extract is a natural pore minimizer. It cleans up clogged pores and oily secretions, leaving your skin visibly clean, smooth and toned .

How to use:
After you have cleansed your face, apply the mask on your face and remove it after 15 minutes. Follow on with your day/night cream.

My Thought:
Firstly, there are plenty of essence in the packet (that's good right?). After squeezing the excess essence it doesn't drip when the mask is applied on the face (I love it!!) Next, the scent-wise, I am unsure of how to describe it other than the feeling that it smells similar to antibiotic/cough medicine-- but slightly milder? Hmm. (Argh!) Other than that, the sheet mask quality in my perspective is good and elastic-ish. I can easily adjust and tug the sheet mask so that it fits kind of perfectly and well on my face. In my opinion, it does suit people with small face. ^^ (Love love! I am not saying that I have small face!)

 After removing the mask, the remaining essence was absorbed rather fast after tapping my face and it doesn't leave any sticky sensation. Redness went off and the bumps hmm, I don't know, less bumpy but the bump is still there. Lol. No immediate effect but would be good in the long run! :)

Good morning!!!

Annie's Way Aloe Moisturising Jelly Mask

About the product:
This tub of mask is from Taiwan, called Annie's Way. It is a tub of 250 ml for RM75 I think. On the 15th May was my last of it. Empty tub now. *sobs* Need to stock up but it is now already so expensive. It is now already RM85 in-store of MaskSlim, Malaysia. From the very first time whenI bought my first tub, it was only RM65. Hmph. Any kind of tub with equivalent quality/efficiency and price in your mind now?

Current buy:
Aloe Moisturising Jelly Mask

This is how it looks like. So sorry for not capturing the full tub of it.
Clear Jelly. Very cooling. An artifical aloe scent.

As claimed:
Aloe revitalizes overdry skin, leaving your skin with a visibly healthy.

Aloe extract, chlorophyll, seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate

What I think:
I feel that it have definitely help soothed my acne skin. Hmm, I remember the sales person told me that it is beneficial for acne skin. Redness went away (less red I mean) and my face felt instantly smooth, soft and hydrated. Not to forget, bye bye to dull skin. Hello brighter skin! ^^ Scent is somewhat slightly stronger than I have expected.

Maybe. My doubt isn't due to it's function but more because of it's price. I am wondering what other product I can get with a more or less price of it with equivalent efficiency as mentioned above.

Aloe vs Arbutin+Hyaluronic Jelly Mask:
Winner is: Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask (If you have not read this review, please click here) ^^

The scent of the whitening tub is not as strong as aloe which eases my nose much better. As for my acne problem, I would prefer to use the acne stickers or pimple gel which I think does a better job in drying the acne. The effect is faster than what the aloe tub can do. And comparing between aloe and Arbutin + Hyaluronic tub, most of what is beneficial for the skin is already being contributed by the Arbutin tub. Hmm, can't say much more of how much I love the Arbutin tub. ^^

That's all for today. Thank you for reading till the end. ^^

Natural Aqua Gel CURE

I realized that I haven't have it posted and left in my draft box for so so long after seeing my sister posted a review on it. Do check it out her blog as it is a great read and there are demonstrations! Pure laziness and bad memory of mine I supposed. Argh.

A little information before I blab on about this product:
It comes in a 250g pump bottle for 100++ MYR usually but my sister got it for me around 90++ MYR during some promotion period offered some time ago. It was definitely worth it!! ^^ This product has now become my MUST-HAVE routine where I will definitely use this product for at least once a week.

A quick snap of the bottle of CURE Natural Aqua Gel. I don't regret buying it. Definitely restock when it's about to run out! ^^

I got to know about this product via my elder sister who introduced me to Melodee Morita Youtube channel. I love her videos. Very informative in such a short time. Go visit her channel if you haven't!! Here is the video link (Fyi. This is the video that I love best!):

Directions to use:
1. Cleanse you skin and towel or tissue dry your face.
2. Pump 3-5 times (an appropriate amount) on your palm and spread on your face (or any other areaas which you would like to have your dead skin removed eg. neck, underarm, elbow and etc).
3. After a minute or 15 seconds, you can start rubbing your face in gentle secular motions (DO NOT RUB ROUGHLY!!). You will then see white stuff forming. That's the dead skin or dirt that is being removed from your face (or where ever you have applied)!
4. Rinse well when you are done massaging. 
5. Do follow your usual toner, serum and moisturiser routine!
**Alert: For best effect, finish using this product between 3-4 months after opening. The advised period of finishing the product is within 6 months**

Instant smoothness of skin. Brighter skin too! My skin can breathe better too!^^

The sales person told me that we can use for about two times a week. Even if you use it for more than two times in a week it is fine, just that you are going to waste the product as you will not be removing as much dead skin as the first time you did. So, you get what I mean right?

Just a small tip: Do use this after you have removed make up using make up remover as well as cleanser as I feel it makes my skin cleaner from the inside. ^^ (Do any of you do that too?or is it just me. Lol.)

Go buy this product if you haven't coz you will never regret for getting this! I promise! <3


Throwback! Visiting this place was a spontaneous/random choice together with my love.




Ippudo Malaysia (Lot G110 Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 






I have heard from my old friend Ms M about her cravings and love for the food there for like the past two years I think. She was telling me if I ever go I should order the original one. I said okay okay. After approximately two years only I came to this store. Just in time to blog about it. <3


Almost zero. *sad case* Only seen in k-dramas or movies. Mostly go for Asian or western or Japanese or even tom yum. And cakes!!!

OUR STORY there:

Upon arrival, Boyfriend and I was flipping through the menu. When I wanted to order it already my boyfriend told me it's not his cup of tea. [I was pek-chik. Why don't he tell me earlier?!] Well, anyways, I just ordered us the "Spicy Tacos" and gave him my sad face (big eyes with a slightly inverted "U" for my

He then said, "Okay okay, just order it. You eat okay? I know you're hungry."

I looked at him with my sad face again (still the big eyes and slightly inverted "U" for my''t help it!). 

He said, "Okay, I'll share one bowl with you okay?"

Then I grinned at him (definitely my smallest eyes and my "U-est"-looking lips!). ^^

So I simply ordered "Aka Tamago" (forgot to take down the full name of the dish but took down the name as according to the receipt). I kept flipping but see no word of "original" anywhere....I think. So I just simply chose this. The egg was nice. Soft but not raw. Yum yum. However the noodle wasn't to my expectation. Most probably I have unconsciously raised my benchmark from the many previous appraisals that I have heard/seen from my friends and the many people using Instagram posting their #foodgram #foodgasm and etc. :)

This is the noodle we had.

(Without flash taken by Samsung Note 2)
The taco was very nice in my opinion. I love the spicy minced meat especially. However I ate it so slow 'cause I feel obligated to eat it so carefully so as to avoid any fillings dropping out.

The taco (taken without flash by Samsung Note 2)
The taco (taken by Samsung Note 2 with flash)
In conclusion, I need to eat out with friends who are into Korean food instead of going with my boy as he wasn't interested in it and we are like trying the dish blindly... >.<" [  it can be a good thing right? Maybe huh? Oh well, but eating with recommendation of friends would definitely be much easier in tasting what's Great! ;)  ]

I definitely would recommend the taco!!! ^^

My Colloquium Experience 2014

Date: 19 April 2014
Event: Colloquium at HELP University in the department of B. Psychology
Feeling: Great experience and congrats to those who won in their presentations!

Long overdue post!

Colloquium is basically an academic conference/seminar where people share their findings and inspire others along. It was fun and interesting as I have witnessed many researchers' studies and it has added invaluable knowledge to mine.

We share ideas/findings and improve together  :)

For your information, I am someone who has the world's greatest sense of stage fright ever since I was in standard six. I was rarely exposed to situations where I need to present something alone in front of a class or so. When such situation arises, I would always practice in front of a mirror prior to the day of presenting and still tremble like shit when presenting on that day. For this colloquium, all third year students, especially, were compulsory to present their research and findings. Upon knowing that, I was worried. What if I tremble and got stuck somewhere when presenting? What if I fall of some where in front of the crowd? What if..... I stopped myself thinking about all that approximately one week before the day of colloquium.

A day before the day of the colloquium, I did rehearsed and hope that all my "What-Ifs" don't occur in reality. Didn't think much and just rehearse. Did small cards to recall for each slides and practised again in the morning. One and a half hour prior to my presentation, I slept off during one of the presenter's presentation. Felt terribly sorry for her but after my sleep I wasn't that anxious anymore. Phew,maybe. ^^ I was shaking a bit upon arriving my venue for presentation. It was at Kpd A-A2. What? It's like a big hall. It wasn't that big. Not much people are present too so it was alright.

When presenting I had my friend, Ms. S, to help me with the clicking of slides as I wasn't confident that I will be able to multitask since all my rehearsal don't include the clicking of slides. Thank you so so much Ms. S. ^^ For the presentation I reminded my self to not look at my cards as I was afraid that I will rely too much on my card and read instead of present. I was also not really presenting in detail as I was anxious slightly after the time keeper flashed me some signs of how many minutes was left (argh).

Once the presentation was over, I tried my best in answering the questions of the judge. The judge was kind but slightly not understand where my approach was coming from. I did not noticed that and felt bad but soon realized it after I have received feedback from my friend Ms S and others in the room of the presentation. Ms. S said that I was the least panicky outta the three years of presentations in my degree. I was also told that I did my best in reporting the findings when questioned so I do not need to feel that bad.

It was also pleasant to hear all the encouraging comments but I just hope I did better in explaining the details of my findings, as mentioned, I got panicky when the time keeper was flashing me signs of dunno how many minutes were left (I can't see the numbers, omg....!). Argh. So I rushed on the findings and skipped quite some details so it is as if I am highlighting key points of my study---so not enough!! But it's alright.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have participated in my study, those who helped, no matter it's the moral or physical support as well as the guidance of my supervisor and friends. I can clearly said that although you were tough on me when I first met you but clearly you have pushed me to my limits in a way and I have learned much more than I would have if you didn't pushed me so. I am thankful of what's learnt and hope that this time my report is okay (though I found some errors...omg..).

In short, I learnt that I can clearly overcome my fear when I know exactly of where I am going and what I am doing. This research is like my baby. I mean, it is honestly something that I am in charge of alone and anything is decided solely by one person (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP AND GUIDANCE!!). I feel so glad for I am given the chance for this experience.

Thank you HELP University of B. Psychology!
Thank you Ms. T!!
Thank you all!!!

You will be Missed

Today will be a short post on dear Mr Kenneth Phun, a lecturer & head of Department of Psychology, who has passed away. I got the notification from my friend Ms S yesterday (3rd May 2014) and immediately went to the online site of my university. It was such a shock.  All too sudden. I just cannot accept the fact.

Although I only had one class taught by Mr Kenneth and didnt know exactly how he was as a person, he definitely did leave me with good memory, humor, & inspiration. I thank you for all that Mr Kenneth. Mr Kenneth was one of my first lecturer when I first enrolled into my first year first semester at HELP University in the batch of May 2011.

He was always so full of life when giving a lecture and he was always so into games. I love games and thats what caught my attention when I first met him. We know about his boy & family and I knew much more of how great he was through the many people who posted on FB.

You will be missed Mr Kenneth. 
Deepest condolences.

Annie's Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask

About the product:
Annie's Way Jelly Mask is a Taiwan product. There are six different functions. The top seller would be the Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask as well as the Aloe Moisturizing Jelly Mask (click here to read about it).

The directions of use in the English/Chinese versions are as below:

What is the product I bought:
Back in May 2013, I came to purchase this product while on a shopping spree with my elder sister, Allison at MaskSlim, Tropicana City Mall. We bought a tub each as it was on sales. (How can we not be attracted to skin care products that were on sales!) *grin*

 The first tub that we bought was the Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask (250ml) since the salesperson said that this was the best seller!

The product claims to whiten, moisturise, reduce fine lines leaving skin radiantly bright.

How long it'll last?
When I talked to my sister who did her masks more frequently than I do, she would say that by two months plus you would have finished the tub as you can have the masks done once or twice in a week. So we are assuming that the tub would enabled you to do 10 times as you need to apply a thick layer on your face. (Please remember to not apply a thin layer as it'll dry up and you cannot scrape anything later! It's function won't work then.)

Too ugly to take a full, bare face. So here is my 3/4 selfie covered with a thick layer of jelly :)

View as an Infrequent User & Effectivity?
As I excused so many times in not doing this tub of mask as frequently, my tub lasts for approximately four months. In my opinion, using once a week is already good enough for me. Although I used it infrequently, I am glad to see that my skin significantly brightens after each use. The sales person gave me a tip, that is to apply sheet masks after using this jelly masks as it consequently enhances the absorption of the essence in the sheet masks that we later use. All good ^^

Other than brightening I feel that the white heads are in the jelly layer when I scrape it off. I also can squeeze the white heads out easily without much force. Thus I feel that it is good for my skin as not much squeezing marks would be left on my skin ^^

It also instantly moisturised my skin leaving my face a cooling sensation. In short, my face felt so clean and "it breathes". Fine lines wise, maybe it does help.

The down side for this product is that it takes a longer time than normal masks does (it needs 30-40 minutes for the mask to rest on one's face) & the washing off of the mask is a bit hard but I notice the slight easiness when I use my konjac sponge to wash off the remaining mask on my face after I have scraped the jelly off my face.

Would I re-purchase?
Definitely YES!!! <3

*** *** ***UPDATE*** *** ***

The post above was posted on 5th January 2014.

As of 3rd May 2016, my reaction with the mask was not that great.

On 1st January 2016, my skin was having some allergic reaction thus I could not experiment among the various hauls that I have purchased.

Skin : Combination skin and more on the dry side (I think) + sensitive (itchy, red and sometimes acne pop out).

In mid March 2016, I visited a dermatologist. Up till now I have been on doctor's facial cleanser and cream. He said that I could slowly add back whatever step that I used previously, so I did. 

On 3rd May 2016, I tried Annie's Way Arbutin Jelly Mask after cleansing my face and a sheet mask followed after. 

A few minutes after I have let my face dry, it was itchy. So I applied my snail gel as my moisturiser and hope it will soothe it (I can assure you it wasn't my sheet mask coz I have done that sheet mask in April 2016). The next day, I noticed red patches on one of my cheeks and dry patches at the apple of my cheeks / near my eye bag area.