This is the final part of my HATCH DAY ! ^^
Before that you may also streaam through the pictures of my sister and her cutest dog here.

First, it will be selcas before I go out with my love ^^

We spontaneously ended up in Bone & Pot for our dinner, my birthday dinner? Hmph.


Signature Pork Bone Broth Rm15

Ready to eat !

Pork slices

Golden Beancurd RM5.8

Crispy Fish Skin (Normal price RM5.5) Plate of the month only RM1

Mushrooms and pork balls. 

Lastly is the cake from RT Pastry House ^^

Considering the price and quality I would give it a 4/5 rating. It is not too sweet. I think the sweetness is tolerable for a cake and it is rather soft. I love Black sesame flavour. Not too overwhelming as a whole.

My black sesame cake with chocolate drips and white chocolate. Don't eat the sugar macaroons deco. You'll get diabetes. ^^

After making a wish I blew the candles. Old 23 now.

Only one cut will do ^^

Look at this cute mini white chocolate. #yummyinmytummy

One bite is not enough!

Let me pose you this question, would you on your birthday expected to be treated like a princess and let the boyfriend serve you?
I mean I would. But guess what, my boyfriend don't know my rule and asked me to wash up some plates before we even cut my cake? I was nearing the edge of swearing but I didn't. I just told him straight in the face, "Baby, you shouldn't ask anyone especially me to do anything when I am the birthday girl and treat me like a princess. You know. Princess for a day? Might as well I wear something that looks like a maid then only you ask me to wash whatever it is." He laughed and said that he's sorry because he don't know such law, Bee Lee's Law, he called it. Argh.

In short, that's my birthday. Gift from him, hmm, still not here yet. We shall see ^^
Anyhow, I thank you baby for spending time with me though it was just like any other day...EXCEPT there was one whole cake. Too bad that I was full from dinner so I didn't really had much of the cake. Argh.

P.S. My momma wished me late like 9plus on the same night. I was saying to my momma, "Did you forget my birthday?" Guess what she said, "No lah. I purposely do so just to give you a surprise." Lol. Anyhow, I love you so much momma <3

P.p.s. Here how satisfied I am with Laneige Intense Serum Lipstick. 
Color glides on easily
Color stay is good
Super moisturising
Pretty in matte <3

Before dinner at Bone & Pot

After dinner at Bone & Pot

After the cake session :)

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