Such a late late late post but here it goes. Before this post was this Part 1.

This Part 2 will be a spamming of pictures! Please bear with the string of selfies as it would be such a waste to not take pictures of me in my new lippie :)
This camwhoring session is between my big sister, Allison because I feel that we didn't really had pictures taken together while we were out. So there goes...

But before that I was happily snapping pics of myself before I camwhored with her.

The usual face

The retarded fish face

Winking and smooching me

Without the winking but trying to still look sexy [so FAIL!]

Contented face [I like this picture very much personally!]

Focus on mua lips!! Matify - Laneige Intense Serum Lipstick! ^^

Then that's us :

Sis and I

and her doggie with the bones

One more please

Sis, look here!

Okay, she's getting irritated! >.<"

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3- yes, I like this! The awkward want to or not want to grin looks (last pic  on bottom right)

Sister said that I should try the 4-pictures thing with her dog ^^ I guess sister doubted my skill in doiing so. Lol.

Trial 1:

Trial 2 and etc.:
1- where do I look?

2- hello?

3- don't kiss me!

4- Love this no eyes looking at the screen look <3

5- I know you like it!

6- Are we done?  ^^

ta-daa....we finally did it ^^

I swear I did not collage these photos! Thank you Jellie (my sister's pretty poodle) for taking so many pictures with me and bearing with it till today. I love you so much! #appreciated #lovedogs 

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