Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant

22nd March 2014

Venue: Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant
Location: Lot 8620, Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Langat, Kampung Air Hitam, Selangor, 41200 Klang, Malaysia
Time: Night
With: The Love and his family

We were there for dinner that day.

Let's take a look at their MENU if you're interested.

This is my first time there. I have been hearing about its big name for several months from my baby as he said to me if I ever ever wanna eat thai food here I should go to Khunthai. So well, here we are with his family. [Lately I do not know why, I just have this cravings for tom yam. The day before that we had one at some Indian mamak. The soup was not extra nice but I guess I shouldn't complain for its quality- basically it was not spicy at all and I just gulp it for the sake of my cravings].

Upon arrival.

This is one part of how the environment looks like.

Since the above picture do not show clearly of what lights they use. Here you go! :) I like antique - y lights like this :)

This is a quick back shot of the man made pool that I will be talking a bit about later.

The food there were:

Spicy tomato steamed fish (this is not the exact name. it's a name I named it based on the taste of the sauce thing. Lol).

Vermicelli with coconut oil and crab (not the actual name too. I name it myself. Lol). 

Petai with chicken slices. Love this VERY much ^^

Their very very concentrated tom yam

Fried egg

My tastebuds died a little as the food there uses really heavy seasoning. The tom yum was really concentrated I can assure you that. However, it is definitely not spicy but sour which is somewhat a disappointment to all of our tastebuds.

The fish was okay for me since I had a small portion of the fish and had my concentration focused on another dish. Guess what's that? ^^ However, the fish was said to be not fresh by my boyfriend and his family. The soup of the fish was like some mild spicy tomato. 

The glass noodle we had contain coconut oil and crab which his niece and sister enjoyed it. In my first bite of the glass noodle I feel that there was no problem with its taste. However his sister finds it weird and asked him what oil did they used to prepare the noodle. He said coconut. He vomited a small mouthful of the glass noodle that he consumed. I tried it again now with a bigger mouthful. was somewhat weird and you would have a feeling of not wanting to eat it anymore 'cause of the scent of the oil it uses.

The egg was fine. Normal egg. Nothing much to comment here. ^^

The petai with minced chicken meat was quite okay for me as I am a petai lover. Too little petai for a person like me. Oh god, I crave for more petai!!! 

In regards to the facility there, I find it good for the kids to explore around with the supervision of adults. There were mini playground for the kids (swing, slide, rocking horse, and some toys that kids play for math calculation or stuff). There's also the man made fish pond with little decorations. There are the big frog with two smaller frogs. All three are holding an umbrella. I was asked by her cute niece what their names were. In my heart I was like, "What?" But calmly I told her that the big frog would be the mommy named Beauty. The two small frogs are Mike who sings really well and Stephen who is a book smart frog. The little girl then said to me that she would like to be like Stephen so that she can really score well.

In the car upon leaving the place, the cute and spontaneous conversation started:

Niece: “Uncle, when will you be bringing me to shop?”
[The whole car laughed.]
Uncle: “Where do you wanna shop then?”
Niece: “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm......... JJ!”
Uncle: “JJ already closed lo.”
Niece: “Umm, then tomorrow. Because I have no class tomorrow.”
Uncle: “Okay. Tomorrow you ask this sister (me) and his sister to bring you okay while I go work.”
Aunty: “Do you have money to go Jusco shopping?”
Niece: “Got.”
Aunty: “How much?”
Niece: “ (looks into her purse) ”...3.”
Aunty: “Enough meh?”
Niece: “Enough lah. Can buy a lot of stuff!”
[Aunty and uncle converse among themselves saying that she cannot even buy a pack of candy]

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