Valley Resort, Pahang

23rd March 2014

Venue: Valley Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Location: PT44, KM13, Mukim Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang
Time: 2.20 pm
With: The Love

Do you enjoy eating in the nature?or semi-nature you'd call it? Lol. Personally, I love the nature just that I cannot stand being there ever since my bad allergy experience I got out from my last trip in the nature. If you do love nature and can stand it, I assure you that you may mostly enjoy this place. Fishing is allowed. There is restaurant. There are rooms for you to book and stay for the night or so but I am not too sure of how everything works as I only went there to settle my hunger with the love.

For more info, please visit their Facebook page. ^^

The road entering the entrance of the resort was really not that good because it is rocky and all and its quite hard for two cars to move at the same time. It is especially troublesome if one car is entering and another is exiting. I am sure surprise that there are many that know of this place as it is quite "inside" and a person like me would not know about it if I did not find for any information about this place. Felt blessed for having a walking GPS boyfriend ^^

Upon arrival, we were to walk across this little bridge thing and sat across one of the little hut-like places. 

Let's go across. ^^

This is what I see across after we have settled in our little hut-like place.

Eating above some river or stuff makes me feel like I am in the 'kampung'. Was feeling so dis-connected 'cause honestly my phone bar connection was so low.

I think they have their own honey production. Not sure.

The quick snapshot of our lunch of the day:

Chicken with salty egg (top middle dish). Vegetable stir-fry (bottom left). Tofu (bottom right).

The chicken is fried and covered with the salty egg yolk. Flavour-wise it is okay. The boyfriend was like, "Why did they fry it, I didn't ask for that." He looked at me and said, "You sure are happy with the dish today huh?" I gave him an exceptionally big grin. [ROFL in my heart] ^^

Next is the vegetables (ladys finger, long bean and brinjal I think) that are lightly stir-fried. It is also not too salty, which is good.

Tofu was okay for me. Normal. But somewhat a bit too soft for me. The top are minced chicken meat and “cai4 bu3”. “Cai4 bu3” is salty and crunchy vegetable but not my cup of tea.

Overall speaking, the boyfriend is satisfied with all three dishes.

Btw, if you are into fresh fish you would probably love this place. The fish you see in this pond is actually not for decoration purposes. Guess what? They will be net out if you ordered it. So would you still want to eat it?

Well, no offense but it shows that their life are valueless in a way, needing to live in a fight-or-flight situation, day by day. Overtime, they would have learnt self-helplessness. (This means that the fish do not know how to escape the place even if they are no longer trapped! How pity!) Hmm, I think they should only catch the fish behind the customers' eyes. For customers like my boyfriend and I, we would see this as inhumane/cruel as the life of the fish is in our hands. =(

That’s all for now. 

P.s. how can he so accurately guess the final bill when my guess was just RM7 more. Argh

Good day lovelies!

Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant

22nd March 2014

Venue: Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant
Location: Lot 8620, Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Langat, Kampung Air Hitam, Selangor, 41200 Klang, Malaysia
Time: Night
With: The Love and his family

We were there for dinner that day.

Let's take a look at their MENU if you're interested.

This is my first time there. I have been hearing about its big name for several months from my baby as he said to me if I ever ever wanna eat thai food here I should go to Khunthai. So well, here we are with his family. [Lately I do not know why, I just have this cravings for tom yam. The day before that we had one at some Indian mamak. The soup was not extra nice but I guess I shouldn't complain for its quality- basically it was not spicy at all and I just gulp it for the sake of my cravings].

Upon arrival.

This is one part of how the environment looks like.

Since the above picture do not show clearly of what lights they use. Here you go! :) I like antique - y lights like this :)

This is a quick back shot of the man made pool that I will be talking a bit about later.

The food there were:

Spicy tomato steamed fish (this is not the exact name. it's a name I named it based on the taste of the sauce thing. Lol).

Vermicelli with coconut oil and crab (not the actual name too. I name it myself. Lol). 

Petai with chicken slices. Love this VERY much ^^

Their very very concentrated tom yam

Fried egg

My tastebuds died a little as the food there uses really heavy seasoning. The tom yum was really concentrated I can assure you that. However, it is definitely not spicy but sour which is somewhat a disappointment to all of our tastebuds.

The fish was okay for me since I had a small portion of the fish and had my concentration focused on another dish. Guess what's that? ^^ However, the fish was said to be not fresh by my boyfriend and his family. The soup of the fish was like some mild spicy tomato. 

The glass noodle we had contain coconut oil and crab which his niece and sister enjoyed it. In my first bite of the glass noodle I feel that there was no problem with its taste. However his sister finds it weird and asked him what oil did they used to prepare the noodle. He said coconut. He vomited a small mouthful of the glass noodle that he consumed. I tried it again now with a bigger mouthful. was somewhat weird and you would have a feeling of not wanting to eat it anymore 'cause of the scent of the oil it uses.

The egg was fine. Normal egg. Nothing much to comment here. ^^

The petai with minced chicken meat was quite okay for me as I am a petai lover. Too little petai for a person like me. Oh god, I crave for more petai!!! 

In regards to the facility there, I find it good for the kids to explore around with the supervision of adults. There were mini playground for the kids (swing, slide, rocking horse, and some toys that kids play for math calculation or stuff). There's also the man made fish pond with little decorations. There are the big frog with two smaller frogs. All three are holding an umbrella. I was asked by her cute niece what their names were. In my heart I was like, "What?" But calmly I told her that the big frog would be the mommy named Beauty. The two small frogs are Mike who sings really well and Stephen who is a book smart frog. The little girl then said to me that she would like to be like Stephen so that she can really score well.

In the car upon leaving the place, the cute and spontaneous conversation started:

Niece: “Uncle, when will you be bringing me to shop?”
[The whole car laughed.]
Uncle: “Where do you wanna shop then?”
Niece: “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm......... JJ!”
Uncle: “JJ already closed lo.”
Niece: “Umm, then tomorrow. Because I have no class tomorrow.”
Uncle: “Okay. Tomorrow you ask this sister (me) and his sister to bring you okay while I go work.”
Aunty: “Do you have money to go Jusco shopping?”
Niece: “Got.”
Aunty: “How much?”
Niece: “ (looks into her purse) ”...3.”
Aunty: “Enough meh?”
Niece: “Enough lah. Can buy a lot of stuff!”
[Aunty and uncle converse among themselves saying that she cannot even buy a pack of candy]


This is the final part of my HATCH DAY ! ^^
Before that you may also streaam through the pictures of my sister and her cutest dog here.

First, it will be selcas before I go out with my love ^^

We spontaneously ended up in Bone & Pot for our dinner, my birthday dinner? Hmph.


Signature Pork Bone Broth Rm15

Ready to eat !

Pork slices

Golden Beancurd RM5.8

Crispy Fish Skin (Normal price RM5.5) Plate of the month only RM1

Mushrooms and pork balls. 

Lastly is the cake from RT Pastry House ^^

Considering the price and quality I would give it a 4/5 rating. It is not too sweet. I think the sweetness is tolerable for a cake and it is rather soft. I love Black sesame flavour. Not too overwhelming as a whole.

My black sesame cake with chocolate drips and white chocolate. Don't eat the sugar macaroons deco. You'll get diabetes. ^^

After making a wish I blew the candles. Old 23 now.

Only one cut will do ^^

Look at this cute mini white chocolate. #yummyinmytummy

One bite is not enough!

Let me pose you this question, would you on your birthday expected to be treated like a princess and let the boyfriend serve you?
I mean I would. But guess what, my boyfriend don't know my rule and asked me to wash up some plates before we even cut my cake? I was nearing the edge of swearing but I didn't. I just told him straight in the face, "Baby, you shouldn't ask anyone especially me to do anything when I am the birthday girl and treat me like a princess. You know. Princess for a day? Might as well I wear something that looks like a maid then only you ask me to wash whatever it is." He laughed and said that he's sorry because he don't know such law, Bee Lee's Law, he called it. Argh.

In short, that's my birthday. Gift from him, hmm, still not here yet. We shall see ^^
Anyhow, I thank you baby for spending time with me though it was just like any other day...EXCEPT there was one whole cake. Too bad that I was full from dinner so I didn't really had much of the cake. Argh.

P.S. My momma wished me late like 9plus on the same night. I was saying to my momma, "Did you forget my birthday?" Guess what she said, "No lah. I purposely do so just to give you a surprise." Lol. Anyhow, I love you so much momma <3

P.p.s. Here how satisfied I am with Laneige Intense Serum Lipstick. 
Color glides on easily
Color stay is good
Super moisturising
Pretty in matte <3

Before dinner at Bone & Pot

After dinner at Bone & Pot

After the cake session :)


Such a late late late post but here it goes. Before this post was this Part 1.

This Part 2 will be a spamming of pictures! Please bear with the string of selfies as it would be such a waste to not take pictures of me in my new lippie :)
This camwhoring session is between my big sister, Allison because I feel that we didn't really had pictures taken together while we were out. So there goes...

But before that I was happily snapping pics of myself before I camwhored with her.

The usual face

The retarded fish face

Winking and smooching me

Without the winking but trying to still look sexy [so FAIL!]

Contented face [I like this picture very much personally!]

Focus on mua lips!! Matify - Laneige Intense Serum Lipstick! ^^

Then that's us :

Sis and I

and her doggie with the bones

One more please

Sis, look here!

Okay, she's getting irritated! >.<"

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3- yes, I like this! The awkward want to or not want to grin looks (last pic  on bottom right)

Sister said that I should try the 4-pictures thing with her dog ^^ I guess sister doubted my skill in doiing so. Lol.

Trial 1:

Trial 2 and etc.:
1- where do I look?

2- hello?

3- don't kiss me!

4- Love this no eyes looking at the screen look <3

5- I know you like it!

6- Are we done?  ^^

ta-daa....we finally did it ^^

I swear I did not collage these photos! Thank you Jellie (my sister's pretty poodle) for taking so many pictures with me and bearing with it till today. I love you so much! #appreciated #lovedogs