Sukiya Curry House

Venue: Sukiya Curry House (No. 6 & 7, Jalan USJ 10/1H, Selangor, Malaysia 47620)
Date: 18.03.2014
With: Allison (Mua big sister whom I love) and my bro-in-law

Earlier conversation with sister before going to Sukiya myself (agak-agak):
Allison: Have you been to Sukiya?
Bee Lee: Yes. Of course. Free flow of meat. The one I told you about!
Allison: You sure? No. The one you went was in Pavilion.
Bee Lee: So?
Allison: I think the way the name of the shop is written differently or something.
Bee Lee: Really?
Allison: Hmm. Maybe. But they do serve good food. Not bad.
[she was on the phone talking to her hubby asking for his opinion regarding the food they had there earlier]
Allison: We're going there to eat for dinner later, you wanna come?
Bee Lee: Okay.

Upon arrival, my first impression to the environment was:
1) So nice! It's an air-conditioned place. I am so smart, I wore a grey cardigan.
2) Oh, they have delivery and WIFI.
3) Paiseh leh, I don't dare to take picture of the menu as the menu is only available at the counter.

I simply ordered a set.

Ta-daa! I had myself Gyu-sara Teishoku!

Review: Basically it is worth the price for only RM13.90 without any tax. When I had the rice I added the egg into my rice and have it mixed well as suggested by my sister. Next up is that I think the beef in its sauce is actually really salty. I felt glad that I did not have the whole plate of sauce poured into the rice. It was too salty for me probably because I am more used to milder food. [After all I have been in a more organic kind of diet thing for some time already with my love. It was a great time but bored.] What I like next is the pickled vegetables. My sister was telling me that it taste like the "pao chai" (in Chinese it means pickled vegetables) where we had it back in Taiwan while eating the stinky tofu. I don't believe it at first. Then when I eat it, OMGosh, the memories of how good stinky tofu tasted back when I was a kid in Taiwan. Oh, how I missed life in Taiwan as a kid. No troubles, life is just smooth sailing and all.... Back to what we are talking, food yeap, the beef  the beeef. I love the beef. I cannot recall when was the last time I had this kind of beef prepared in the slice kind of way. It s nice as in it is not tough and jerky-like.

To close my blog for this review, I wanna say, Sukiya, you have  the cutest bowl! I LOVE IT SO MUCH and had to take a picture of the bowl !!
So here are the pics of the bowl

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