Pre-Hatch Day in 2014

Late post of my pre-Birthday night out with Baby.

Well, this year was the most hectic birthday of the year as ever for now, for me. By hectic I am saying that it was packed with loads of deadlines for assignments (How I wish that it was packed with date nights and etc with my baby, family and friends <3). It was such a crappy month as things were slow and procrastination is my best-est friend. OMG. There's a lot of time that I have asked my friend to bring me along if she gonna say bye to the universe. Man. No air for me to breathe well.

Several days or a week from my B-day, he was asking me what is 20032014 about? I was at first like "What? (in my heart I can imagine the horror) -it is deadlines for assignments". But he was no where near knowing how busy my month can be. So I gave a smirk and just responded, "Dying with assignments". He laughed. And I said, "What?" He said,"Would you be free then?" I was like, "Uhh, depends. What plans do you have?" He said, Oh. Okay." And continued laughing (Because honestly, he don't have any plans for me other than dinner and CAKE, that's what I know lah). Argh,

One day before my birthday I was driving my car back from one LRT station. I was a bit grumpy 'cause I am just so tired and my first try on espresso macchiato single's (from San Franscisco) to keep me awake and drive home safely after a whole day of lecture.

My friend Mr. L said that it looked like some dirty toilet bowl. Another friend Ms. S thought it was some rice. It is my espresso. Hello?

It's bitter for me although my friend said that the macchiato would've toned down the bitterness. However, the energetic/rush effect did not last that long. Upon reaching my car at the parking lot, I was surprise to find a piece of paper on my car window. The window at the driver's seat.

It was saying that I owe the guy who looks after the place four times including today. I was like. What???!! The dates are obviously wrong except for the last date because I only park there on one day out of the whole week almost consistently. But I cannot remember exactly how many times I parked there without paying that person so I don't really care. It is not that I do not want to pay the person. The thing is, I go there really early (either the person is late or I am early). Then when my class is over, the person is already gone (off work). He wrote in the paper asking me to leave the money on my wiper or stuff like that. I was like, "What if someone took it or it flew off, then I have to pay you again too if you didn't get it?"

I was even grumpier and cooled off by listening to some music. However when my baby called I answered and was not actually listening and just said that I am driving twice so we could talk later.

After hanging up, I realized he was asking me if I will be busy tonight or not. I was like hmm, is he saying that he will have time for me or what? So I called back and said, "Baby, are you free later?" He was asking me why. I said, "It's gonna be my birthday tomorrow, shouldn't you eat out with me? I haven't have my dinner yet too." He said okay. He'll come for me after he is done with his stuff. I was excited. Once I got home, I quickly finished my reflection assignment and emailed it to my dear friend Ms. S. <3 Thank you Babe!

So we had my dinner and dessert at Espresso Lab opposite Asia Cafe. I had myself a slice of Nutella Mille Crepe and also Lasagna Chicken while baby had Green Tea Mille Crepe. 'Cause I didn't have dinner so I made sure to ask the guy if that one portion of lasagna is filling enough. He said yes. So yeap, here's our food:

Green tea mille crepe wasn't my favourite as it has slices of coconut shred in it. If it wasn't there I may like it.

As for my nutella mille crepe, I LOVE it!! <3 He also likes mine better than his own choice ^^ Basically the nutella taste is not too overwhelming which makes it quite okay to my tastebuds. However,  I feel fat but I am just consuming it like some hungry kid who cares less about how she looks in the public. =.=

Lasagna chicken was somewhat disappointing. It wasn't cheesy enough. The portion was not filling for me. I still have to look for food after that. Mostly I have a bigger appetite this week so don't think it's their problem. ^^ The service there was quite okay.

The electricity went out for the first floor that day and I wonder if I am "sui" because it happened after I was there finishing my lasagna halfway. Baby said, "No lah, today's your birthday already (it was 16 minutes pass twelve when we left the place), which means you bring luck!"

I remember it was the 16th minute because I saw my sister's message wishing me Happy birthday but my baby didn't. So the conversation was this:
Me: [scolded] My sister is better than you. She's at home, further away from me, yet she wishes me faster than you!
He: [laughed] I wish you already what.
Me: [smirk] That was six minutes before twelve baby!
He: [laughed] I told you I might forget mah ('coz he was following the news of the missing MH370)

P.s. He and I still don't know what to get for my birthday. Lol.
What gift would you self-request from your boyfriend?^^

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