Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart and Restaurant


This is our first time dining in here and the main reason for us to do so is because he knows that I have to try my very best in eating only vegetables and NO MEAT for a month for an assignment (a stupid yet challenging behavior that I am trying to change for some time other than to loose weight). Or in his point of view is that he probably feels bad for making me have fish as one of the dish for our lunch earlier joking).

The ambience there was quite close - to - home in my opinion. The  place, in my opinion, is somewhat an oriental Chinese environment comprising of the wooden wall and wall deco (painting of Chinese girls with fine details as well as porcelain and etc along the wall as well as the bowl they used; the bowl is of the chicken/cock drawings on its sides) as well as some interesting lamps and old lantern oil lamps that I did not get to take a photo of.

#1 shows the bowl with roosters painted on it. #2 is the detailed painting of a Chinese lady. #3 is the antique clocks. #4 is a vase (cut in half) glued against the wall. #5 is the old lantern lamp (partial and not focused) :(

We ordered three dishes. Firstly is the Asam Vegetarian Fish. It was quite nice. The fake fish skin is made of seaweed. The Asam is just nice, not too sour nor too sweet. It also contains brinjal, lady fingers and tomatoes that are not overcooked, texture is great to my taste buds. :) It is also not that spicy.

Asam Vegetarian Fish

Then came the four angled vegetables in kam heong sauce. It was okay. Not spicy. Not overcooked. I just feel healthy while consuming it. :) However I do not really like the curry leaves that comes along with this dish as I personally do not fancy curry leaves. Other than that, all is well. :)

4-angled vegetables in Kam Heong sauce

Lastly came the mushrooms with broccoli and tofu (I can't recall the actual name of the dish, I am so sorry). The vegetables are well cooked. I like this dish more than the others 'coz I love mushrooms! :) For me, it is also not that spicy.

Mushrooms, tofu, & broccoli :)

Overall, all the dishes are well - cooked and they are actually not too spicy. Eat for a better health! Fyi: you can buy whatever products (I think they are all organic products!!) they have on the shelves there! Do give it a try!

I would definitely return to try more dishes! :)

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