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So, there was no lectures on my birthday and I had an organic breakfast at our usual medifood place. Once I returned from my breakfast, sister was saying, "Nah, this is your birthday gift! Happy birthday!" (IT S A SELF-REQUESTED GIFT AS WELL ;) ) I was like, "Aww. Thank you!" And I told sis this: "You know what, yesterday my baby got scolded by me. Although I was out having dinner/supper with him yesterday, he still wished me late. You are still the first one who wished me although he is just by my side and you're not. And he said that he already wished me before you. And I said, " You wished me six minutes earlier!" he responded by saying that he did so therefore he won't be late." I was getting irritated but laughed it off 'cause I don't see a point for me to add more wrinkles to my face. ^^

Cute teddy pouch from DAISO. Naruko eye cream (lavender). LANEIGE Intense Serum Lipstick in Luminous Red. <3

Had to try the color so badly to see if I suit the color or not. But the lipstick is just too pretty to be used. So I just had to snap quick pictures of it, hoping to remember this beautiful image of how brand new lipstick like Laneige looked like. #MyFirstLipstick #InLove #CrazyBeeLee

The code for this amazing lippie! ^^

This is my present from my siblings <3
Madly in love with these self-requested gifts ^^

I love it.  A big thank you to my beloved sisters and baby brother. #LoveYou #BanyakBanyak A Lot

Then sister asked me to get ready for she would like to go to Sunway to get some stuff or something. That is the day when I immediately found the excuse to try on this absolutely gorgeous Laneige Intense Serum Lipstick in Luminous Red.

I initially applied the lipstick on my lips, looking at my reflection from my Samsung Note 2 camera app. It seems a tad bit too red. I was shocked to see the intensity and gloss it left on my lips when I went to the mirror in the toilet. This is my first time using a lipstick myself. Omg. I love how bold and moisturising this lipstick looks on my lips. It is definitely moisturising in and out of my lips. I just can feel it. My fingers can also easily glide on my lips to fill in the hard to reach areas. It also does not leave the uncomfortable sticky feeling and I love it. However, I do not have events or so to go to so I toned down the whole glossiness by blotting the excess onto tissue papers. *smack smack smack*

I was also surprised to see the stain it leaves. Pretty and matte. <3
Under lighting in the house. 

Under the lighting in the car.

Under the lighting in Sunway Pyramid.  (That's my pretty awesome sister who looks way too young for her age ;) )

I have to make up for flawless looking skin or not it will just be ugly. 
And also slight powder for my brows. YES! All done! ^^

My haul on that day is a silicone mask and bottle from DAISO, make-up remover wipes by BIORE and also ENCHANTEUR lotion. 

We had Nandos for lunch and camwhored loads of pictures before the food is finally served. Yum yum ^^

My sister

Teddy and I

The usual pout 

I forgot what sis was saying but we talked and camwhored along ^^ (Damn the small eyes)

a selca without smile?

Two of us and teddy

My date of the day ^^

Behind the scene of camwhoring. Lol

I like how my arms look so long ^^

Teddies always make your picture look cute instantly

I don't know what to do with my hands >.<

Chicken like Finally ! ^^

That's the end of our day. :) My day! First half done. :) #ILoveMyFamily #ILoveMySister

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