Dr. Jart

I tried this mask on the 4th of March 2014. It is called Dr. Jart Self Label Brightening Facial Mask. Tried before?? I have not exactly researched about this product before and have not tried any of its product so far. My sister got it as free gifts after purchasing a certain amount at a Sasa outlet. 

Front view of the packaging.

Back view of the packaging.

The oily mask sheet.

Me under the mask. Can you see the oily shine on my fingers? @.@

As claimed by the packet mask:

It is excellent for all skin types, especially complexions with dark spots and uneven color. This formula diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines as it energizes and rehydrates skin. A luxuriously to bring concentrated brightening and hydrating benefits to skin.

How to use:

After cleansing and toning, take out the mask from the packaging. By focusing the eyes and lip areas, place the mask gently over face. After 15-30 minutes, remove the mask from face and tap gently to absorb residue with fingertips.

My feeling about the mask:

There were more than needed essence in the packet. I was surprised to find out the essence was in the form of oil with a subtle scent of orange. That oiliness feeling is slightly weird for me. First time in my life I have something oily covering my face. However it is cooling, and that makes me stay positive in waiting for the results of the mask. After the removal of the mask, I could not really stand the oily feeling left on my hands. So, I went to wash my hands covered in the oily essence and assumed it will be oily. Surprisingly it was not. :)

I also feel that my fine lines were slightly reduced although my face is left oily and shiny. After I cleansed my face the next morning, my face feels so smooth. :) I cannot be sure of the uneven skin tone function but it left a rather good impression for me. 


Pros- Much essence in packet of mask.
       - Reduce fine lines slightly after first use
       - Smoother skin the next morning after cleansing of the face
       - Mask won't dry out upon 15 minutes resting on my face.
       - Relaxing scent and nice texture of mask
       - Rehydrates and brightens the face.

Cons- The oiliness sensation is still there even after you tap like a forever.

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