Chor 7


Let's rewind the time and go back to my CHOR 7.

It was getting more and more bored. Today is the day where I was scouting for the shared present for my big sister. It was such a feet - pain kinda day. Walked to every undergarments store available in Sunway Pyramid and finally decided to buy these two sexy and a little less sexy sleepwear for her. They're from la SENZA. The sexier sleepwear is red, padded slightly and laced babydoll set. The less sexy sleepwear is black, silk and laced. All that amount is divided between the three sister's and our baby brother too. Lol.

(FYI: this shared present is for two days. One as her wedding gift and the other as her big-27 gift. Hope she'll like it :) )

Do visit her blog for the pictures of her lingerie when she have uploaded the post about it. Check out

Nice day!!! :)

P.s. I did a manicure at NAiL ARTZ (it is situated at the first floor of Asian Avenue) by the patient Jee Yee.

I showed her the heart picture I wanted for my nails and she did it. The base colour of the nail is OPI R59, called Midnight in Moscow. It is actually a dark blood red that shines like sands-like texture but it is smooth when you touched the nails. Love the service there as the manicurist is friendly. Thank you very much!

The two pictures below are the nails under different lighting. I love love love the color!!! ♡♡♡

Can you see the sparkly dark red of the nail?

When it no longer look red #versatility

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