Something about Love

Love to me is like water. Two individuals come together with different properties. If you dissolve well, it may simply mean that we click. And I personally fall for someone when I feel that "click". After some time the different property of water would adapt and become similar. That is when we can think alike and predict another's behavior or thought much easier. And that is also the tricky part, you have to accept the good and BAD of the other. Tolerance and trust at this point is really important for the maintenance of a relationship.
P.s. I hope that we are like the iced hearts sticking together and go through ups and downs so that I can get to know you and love you so much more. Love you, Baby. <3

This is a post drafted several days before Valentines:

A few days ago I was wondering about this question. "When you truly love someone, there is no absolute reason for it." This thought came to me as I was dissatisfied when my boyfriend couldn't give me an absolute answer when I question him why he has fallen for me. It was irritating at first but I also knew that there was no actual reason of me falling for him. I know I can simply cook up anything good about him to be a reason for me falling for him. Honestly said, there really isn't one.

So one day I asked my friend, Miss S, my thought. She was saying that it is actually good for loving someone with no specific reason because you know you love him or her just because it is him/her. And if you love someone for a specific reason, will you not love him or her anymore once he or she no longer possess that reason anymore?? That sounds so true when I process it in my head. Hmm.

Then I came to think, will he one day come upon a reason which he don't seem to see any right now? Hmm... Yeap,  it is possible. All depends on the individual and also the time.

There were many research or article I read such that the connection,  the love, is something that will keep two lovers or companion going.


There is this one particular article that really challenges the subjective concept of love. According to the psychologist, Barbara Frederickson, she says that there is no everlasting love, as proven by Science. She says that love is actually not what we think it is. She calls it the "micromoment of positivity resonance". One of her poll made her hypothesised such that "when our source of happiness is derived from the connections and belonging with a special person it may have limit our health and happiness" as derived from love. Click on for more details:

In the end, I believe that love and connections to the ones we love and cared for is what keeps us going. No matter you are near or far to that someone, there is that drive.

Have a good night and be firm with what you believed in, cared for, loved for & fight for. X○x●

Coming next will be my belated Valentine post with the love <3

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