My Chinese Valentine

Late post!! :)

The Valentine this year clashes with Chap Goh Mei which practically makes Valentines' day a Chinese Valentines' day :) It isn't a usual occurrence I assume. So that makes it my first Chinese Valentine with my one and only. =)

As to how I am going to celebrate it, would not be in any restaurant or so. I would prefer something more customizable and personal. Something like a movie night at home and supper of either fruits or cakes!!! My absolute favourite. :) Seems like I will be the one planning as my other half is no where near romantic. Or should I say, I expect a lot but he is more down-to-earth, practical and simplistic.

On the 10-02-2014, 2 am plus plus, I got out of bed & started to make Valentine coupons. I realized my writing was so so so so ugly. Man. I feel like throwing them away already. I kept them and re-did them at my home town the following night. It was okay I guess but it looks so empty. So I made origami fortune cookies with little notes on the inside. And lastly fixed the nose of the bear I made for him on the first day of 2014 and stuffed the bear in. :)

A set of handmade Valentine Coupon. Origami fortune cookies.  Three fortune cookies for each color represent the typical three letters, eight words and one meaning! Of course the meaning and experience is much more than just the one meaning of the three words. <3 Teddy fixed, check! :)
That are all the fortune cookies (nine altogether). All in the box with loads of love. A love that hopefully will last for a lifetime. And more?? :)

End product in the box.

On 14.02.2014, I made him believed that I have forgotten his present in Seremban.  Thus, he was actually feeling not bad as he did not ready my gift. But it was alright for me because my main motivation in celebrating Valentines was not for the gift. It is also good to know that on the actual day of Valentine he did the planning although it may seem like (in my opinion) he just thought so on that day. Hmph. Although there was a lot of waiting but I guess the wait was worth it in the end. My personal opinion about Valentines isn't for the flowers, dinner, chocolates, teddy or expensive gifts; it is with whom you spent with and what you did that would make the day count.

So, we started our night by going to our all-time favourite restaurant, that is, South Sea Seafood (it is our third time now). At first it felt boring because most of the festive days this year so far we came here but then it was all good because I can see that he is trying to accommodate with the food I can and cannot eat (as said in my previous post in DUBU-DUBU post, I have to follow my healthy eating plan) :) No picture of food as I did a video recording of the food and it is now on my Instagram :) (my Instagram account is BeeLeeC) ^^

Next, we went for a walk at some sea side and I asked him to buy me a childhood toy.

Who have never played this? The bubbles are my childhood favourite ! Btw, please don't see it as a dildo as my friend have mentioned to me before saying that if he do not read my caption or see that yellow thing in the tube he really would have thought that it was a dildo. =.= OMG! lol.

There were many people who played with the lantern that is filled with gas to make wishes.

Random shot of people setting free their lanterns with wishes written on them I supposed ^^

The dotted lights in the dark sky are the lanterns with wishes. It is said that the higher they fly, the more possible the wish they wished would come true :)

Shot 2 of the lanterns in the sky, so far and high above us. *I wish and I wished silently*

The moon above is the moon with some branches blocking it. The one on the bottom is free from any obstacles.

Then a yam cha to call it a night.

Selfies to end my first Valentine

.......The next evening, baby handed me this gift:

a simple heart necklace (with 82 blings on it, he says. But what can 82 possibly mean? He and I both do not have an answer to it. Argh). He laughed and say that it means I <3 You.

Felt loved not because of the gift received but at least (I hope he did) he took some time to choose a something for me. Glad that he told me he still can't think of the reason for loving me :) #greatnight #everydayisavalentinewheniamwithyou

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