Don Chan Shi or Fo Guang Shan

My chor 6 was a dinner at Restaurant Rahsna with him and his family. It was warming and that is my second time having roasted pork. Omg. Pity the many piglets that have to be sacrificed due to the high demand of it during this CNY season.

These are all the food. All are nice except for the fried rice which is a little below our expectations since the first few dish are so nice already :)

After the meal he drove me to Don Chan Shi also known as Fo Guang Shan. It is a temple with various deco, fun fair, book fair, vegetarian stalls all over the place and many more.

Upon reaching we had to park our car. I was worried that I will fall as the ground isn't smooth so I asked him to hold my hands firmly.

We entered from the side entrance where we see the vegetarian stalls. I can't believe that the place was flooded with so so so many people. The next thing was the book fair on my left which we shall go in and explore the place as our last stop. So we continued to walk and saw this fountain thing to make a wish.

I dare not make a wish as I couldn't really figure out what the letters mean. Oh man. It is okay. Shall go when I am ready :)

I wanted to make a wish until I see various little metal bowls with different kind of wishes you hope to have it granted...that is what I do not really prefer. I like it to be a pond kind of place with no categories for you to throw in. It feels like, if I throw into the wrong bowl, does it mean that my wish will not come true? That is a major turn off for me. But it is undeniably cute for the little zebra?or horse? What do you see it as? Lol.

Next, he showed me this...

Seems like a tropical garden of different animals in it decorated with the many different colors of lights. My eyes were dazed by the colors.

I just took a quick photo and we moved on to the main entrance of the temple.

Such a nice door. Now I regretted for not having a picture taken posing at the door. Then we moved on to taking pictures with the orchids and I quickly snapped a picture of the bridge with love-shaped lanterns. I did not personally go onto the bridge to take a selfie with it coz' there are a lot of people taking their pictures there. Omg...

We walked on and saw this small section of bridge covered by many colorful lanterns in heart shapes :) such lovely splash of colors every where.

The first row is the far view of the bridge with heart lanterns dangling from above with it s reflection on the lake. The bottom single picture gives the closer view of the splashing colors of the many hearts.

Next, we walked and saw . . .

Stopped by and pose with this Monk shape lighting. It looked so calm so I was silently wishing for something too :)

Can you see what I am doing? Aww man, I am teasing it's height. Lol. Joke joke. It is just so cute ♡ {deep down I think I was intending what I was}

Posing a "be nice" pose with it :)

Have any of you tried writing your wish and have it left on this tree? I wanted to but then I told myself to not play with stuff like this as I wasn't familiar with this place. *hmph*

This is the very far view of the horse's playground. It's not called the horse' s playground. It's a name I name it myself. This is the place where I assumed many stopped by for the longest and took loads of picture. Technically, it is like a big round of a playground for the horses all well decorated with loads of lighting and no one is allowed to go in as it is enclosed by a glass. 

This is one of the section of the horse's playground.

This is the second section of the horse's playground.

I LOVE  these flowers. Any of you know the name of it? :)

That s the end of our night! <3

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