Dinner on New Year Eve 2014

30th January 2014 (Long Overdue Post)

Nothing to say much about what a reunion dinner should be like as everyone has their very own meaning and practices in relation to it. For my family, we basically present joss sticks and prayers to our ancestors, follow by presenting the cooked food to let them "consume" the food first. After a period of time only we shift the food to the dining table when it is permitted. That's when we can finally eat. My grandma and mother prepared these dishes for our reunion dinner. Frankly said, I think the number of people that reunites on the eve of CNY yearly is decreasing as the time increases in my family. It is not because of it being non-significant in my family. It is because one of my sister is married off just a few days before CNY and have to spend her first New Year's Eve in a whole new tradition as Mrs. Tay. I feel slightly sad when I come to think about it. Nonetheless, I do appreciate this moment more now as I get to eat the "less healthy" food on special occasions and this is one of it.

This is my first take for the round table for my CNY reunion lunch. Everyone were hungry so I couldn't take a good or almost perfect shot at all. It makes me a bit irritated but I am thankful that my family members paused a while for me to take this rather quick shot. Lol.
Clockwise: Fried fish, fried chickens, fried dumplings, braised pork, stir-fry mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrot, sliced fish balls), roasted pork, steam chicken, as well as "zhu-du-tang" (in a direct translation from this Chinese term it is pig's intestine soup; the more pepper-ish the soup is the more I love it!!! ) :)

This is the second shot for a closer view.

Let me show my big sister's favourite!

The roasted pork. Up close and personal :)

She don't get to eat this as she is spending her first CNY Eve (I am not saying that she won't have it at her new place but she cannot have a bite of this particular roasted pork mama bought at the particular store) and everything for the first time as Mrs. Tay (as already mentioned above) ^^ I feel a bit sad 'coz no one is helping me to eat away whatever fat parts were in the pork dish that have been prepared. Mom misses her too 'coz she now has to help my sister to finish off the pointy part of the chicken wing which usually my big sister will fight to finish it off all by herself. Lol. Lastly is a picture I took which represents the usual food we had on the Eve of Chinese New Year as a member of the Chua family. ^^

My usuals home-cooked reunion lunch/dinner :)

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