CNY with my Family

Day 1 (Chor 1)
For one whole day we will only visit relatives around the Seremban area. The first stop was to my third aunt's place. Their new home was so huge! Big garden to take selfies which I didn't. *sigh* But I got to take a selfie at their new bough chair and also a selfie.

Taking a selfie with the beautiful chair. :) felt so matching for what I wore today ;)
Selfie by myself ;)

While mom and dad chat away with the aunt and uncle, we had some camwhore session.

Sister asked me to look like as if my head were chopped of by the vegetarian cracker. Lol. Look at my retarded face if you feel like laughing ;)

Random shot :) my baby sister and I. :)

They asked me to act like I am covering myself from paparazzi.  But it turned out as if I am advertising  for the ice lemon tea. =.=

This looks more like it. The shot to block off the paparazzi.  Lol. 

With my baby brother ;) look at his eyes. Lol.

My OOTD of Chor 1

Hugging baby sister like a koala bear :)

Second sister looking all sexy in her red cut out dress.  Baby sister on my right. Big sister is not with us this year.

A proper selfie when we leave aunt's place.

Some looks retarded. Pardon that. Lol. At night, we had reunion dinner with the relatives of my mom's side at a restaurant.

My first and last lou-sang of the year :)

And we had our wishes granted hopefully ^^

They say wishes will be granted in conjunction with the height it is able to fly. May all be well and have their wishes closer or achievable in this horse year!

Day 2 (Chor 2)
The second day was a drive to Malacca. This is my granny's hometown. The relatives there were always so nice and friendly. They always prepared a round table of food as we always have lunch there.

The all-time favourite: fish covered in chillie!  ♡♡♡ This is the dish that I enjoyed most! Love the fish covered with chilli although it's covered in bones too. The chilli is my primary motivation in removing the bones while struggling to eat the fish. ^^

Never miss a selfie :)


Then in the evening we got back Seremban and had dinner at the same restaurant with my big sister and my brother-in-law for the first time. My bf joined us late for the dinner.

First row, from left: Fried fish, mayo chicken, roasted duck.
Second row, from left: Prosperity bowl or more commonly known as poon choy (in cantonese; it is a mixed pot of everything including chicken, duck, pig trotter, sea cucumber, abalone slice, broccoli, mushrooms, fried shrimps, fish maw and so forth); roasted pork.
Third row: Stir-fried vege, tofu and minced meat, pun-choy topped with fried shrimps.
There were some funny psychology tests and some chat and it continues at home. When it is time to rest, my big sister had diarrhoea till next morning. Pity her, after eating all the good food for two days straight and it all got flushed away just like that. Lol.

Day 3 (Chor 3)

head for brunch at gu po s place and sent dad off to the airport. came back and went out again to search for clinic for sister's diarrhoe. We had a short rest and took the oppitunity to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4th. Went out for relative's open house. Missed my hang out session with my loves... *ouch*

Day 4 (Chor 4)
Left home. Stay tuned for the next blog!!! ;)

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