Chor 5 of CNY

Day 5 of CNY was a random outing with sister and bro-in-law. We had our dinner at DUBU-DUBU at Sunway Pyramid. It's a spontaneous decision to settle for Korean food as I wanted something healthier ('coz I have started my healthy eating assignment, lol). At Dubu-Dubu, I took my first selfie with a two seconds timer using my Samsung Note 2 before I even decide of what to eat. First of all, I am not a korean food fanatic other than their almighty kimchi which I really love oh so much! ^^

Sister's food came first. It is the Cheese Soondubu Jigae (chicken ).

Her respond to the food is just okay.

Mine came then. It is the Kimchi Soondubu Jigae (chicken).

It was okay as well for me. 

We talked and came to the conclusion that the chicken meat they had in our chicken broth wasn't fresh as it taste a bit funny (or irregular) and that the soup is not healthy as the soup we assume is mostly made of ajinomotos instead of the real healthy one. The price was also quite expensive although the rice (they call it the Dubu-Dubu rice) they used were the good healthy rice. The sets came with three side dishes which my sister and I do not really enjoy as we only wanted kimchi more than anything else. The bad side is that you will be charged an additionally of RM2 per dish or per head. I am not sure which it is but I do not think it is worth the price.

Then came my bro-in-law's ramen a la carte. It was also so-so coz there's too much use of ajinomoto.

Overall, I am so sorry to say that it is a pricey yet not that satisfactory to the taste buds kind of food, if you know what I mean. 

The night ends with the movie : Robocop. It was a rather well played movie. However, I also find it a litlle bit draggy. Mostly I was not in the mood for movies 'coz my mind is occupied somewhere else. Oh well. Okay. You should watch it if you like futuristic details and actions in the movie! Have a good day loves! ^^

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