Don Chan Shi or Fo Guang Shan

My chor 6 was a dinner at Restaurant Rahsna with him and his family. It was warming and that is my second time having roasted pork. Omg. Pity the many piglets that have to be sacrificed due to the high demand of it during this CNY season.

These are all the food. All are nice except for the fried rice which is a little below our expectations since the first few dish are so nice already :)

After the meal he drove me to Don Chan Shi also known as Fo Guang Shan. It is a temple with various deco, fun fair, book fair, vegetarian stalls all over the place and many more.

Upon reaching we had to park our car. I was worried that I will fall as the ground isn't smooth so I asked him to hold my hands firmly.

We entered from the side entrance where we see the vegetarian stalls. I can't believe that the place was flooded with so so so many people. The next thing was the book fair on my left which we shall go in and explore the place as our last stop. So we continued to walk and saw this fountain thing to make a wish.

I dare not make a wish as I couldn't really figure out what the letters mean. Oh man. It is okay. Shall go when I am ready :)

I wanted to make a wish until I see various little metal bowls with different kind of wishes you hope to have it granted...that is what I do not really prefer. I like it to be a pond kind of place with no categories for you to throw in. It feels like, if I throw into the wrong bowl, does it mean that my wish will not come true? That is a major turn off for me. But it is undeniably cute for the little zebra?or horse? What do you see it as? Lol.

Next, he showed me this...

Seems like a tropical garden of different animals in it decorated with the many different colors of lights. My eyes were dazed by the colors.

I just took a quick photo and we moved on to the main entrance of the temple.

Such a nice door. Now I regretted for not having a picture taken posing at the door. Then we moved on to taking pictures with the orchids and I quickly snapped a picture of the bridge with love-shaped lanterns. I did not personally go onto the bridge to take a selfie with it coz' there are a lot of people taking their pictures there. Omg...

We walked on and saw this small section of bridge covered by many colorful lanterns in heart shapes :) such lovely splash of colors every where.

The first row is the far view of the bridge with heart lanterns dangling from above with it s reflection on the lake. The bottom single picture gives the closer view of the splashing colors of the many hearts.

Next, we walked and saw . . .

Stopped by and pose with this Monk shape lighting. It looked so calm so I was silently wishing for something too :)

Can you see what I am doing? Aww man, I am teasing it's height. Lol. Joke joke. It is just so cute ♡ {deep down I think I was intending what I was}

Posing a "be nice" pose with it :)

Have any of you tried writing your wish and have it left on this tree? I wanted to but then I told myself to not play with stuff like this as I wasn't familiar with this place. *hmph*

This is the very far view of the horse's playground. It's not called the horse' s playground. It's a name I name it myself. This is the place where I assumed many stopped by for the longest and took loads of picture. Technically, it is like a big round of a playground for the horses all well decorated with loads of lighting and no one is allowed to go in as it is enclosed by a glass. 

This is one of the section of the horse's playground.

This is the second section of the horse's playground.

I LOVE  these flowers. Any of you know the name of it? :)

That s the end of our night! <3

My Chinese Valentine

Late post!! :)

The Valentine this year clashes with Chap Goh Mei which practically makes Valentines' day a Chinese Valentines' day :) It isn't a usual occurrence I assume. So that makes it my first Chinese Valentine with my one and only. =)

As to how I am going to celebrate it, would not be in any restaurant or so. I would prefer something more customizable and personal. Something like a movie night at home and supper of either fruits or cakes!!! My absolute favourite. :) Seems like I will be the one planning as my other half is no where near romantic. Or should I say, I expect a lot but he is more down-to-earth, practical and simplistic.

On the 10-02-2014, 2 am plus plus, I got out of bed & started to make Valentine coupons. I realized my writing was so so so so ugly. Man. I feel like throwing them away already. I kept them and re-did them at my home town the following night. It was okay I guess but it looks so empty. So I made origami fortune cookies with little notes on the inside. And lastly fixed the nose of the bear I made for him on the first day of 2014 and stuffed the bear in. :)

A set of handmade Valentine Coupon. Origami fortune cookies.  Three fortune cookies for each color represent the typical three letters, eight words and one meaning! Of course the meaning and experience is much more than just the one meaning of the three words. <3 Teddy fixed, check! :)
That are all the fortune cookies (nine altogether). All in the box with loads of love. A love that hopefully will last for a lifetime. And more?? :)

End product in the box.

On 14.02.2014, I made him believed that I have forgotten his present in Seremban.  Thus, he was actually feeling not bad as he did not ready my gift. But it was alright for me because my main motivation in celebrating Valentines was not for the gift. It is also good to know that on the actual day of Valentine he did the planning although it may seem like (in my opinion) he just thought so on that day. Hmph. Although there was a lot of waiting but I guess the wait was worth it in the end. My personal opinion about Valentines isn't for the flowers, dinner, chocolates, teddy or expensive gifts; it is with whom you spent with and what you did that would make the day count.

So, we started our night by going to our all-time favourite restaurant, that is, South Sea Seafood (it is our third time now). At first it felt boring because most of the festive days this year so far we came here but then it was all good because I can see that he is trying to accommodate with the food I can and cannot eat (as said in my previous post in DUBU-DUBU post, I have to follow my healthy eating plan) :) No picture of food as I did a video recording of the food and it is now on my Instagram :) (my Instagram account is BeeLeeC) ^^

Next, we went for a walk at some sea side and I asked him to buy me a childhood toy.

Who have never played this? The bubbles are my childhood favourite ! Btw, please don't see it as a dildo as my friend have mentioned to me before saying that if he do not read my caption or see that yellow thing in the tube he really would have thought that it was a dildo. =.= OMG! lol.

There were many people who played with the lantern that is filled with gas to make wishes.

Random shot of people setting free their lanterns with wishes written on them I supposed ^^

The dotted lights in the dark sky are the lanterns with wishes. It is said that the higher they fly, the more possible the wish they wished would come true :)

Shot 2 of the lanterns in the sky, so far and high above us. *I wish and I wished silently*

The moon above is the moon with some branches blocking it. The one on the bottom is free from any obstacles.

Then a yam cha to call it a night.

Selfies to end my first Valentine

.......The next evening, baby handed me this gift:

a simple heart necklace (with 82 blings on it, he says. But what can 82 possibly mean? He and I both do not have an answer to it. Argh). He laughed and say that it means I <3 You.

Felt loved not because of the gift received but at least (I hope he did) he took some time to choose a something for me. Glad that he told me he still can't think of the reason for loving me :) #greatnight #everydayisavalentinewheniamwithyou

Something about Love

Love to me is like water. Two individuals come together with different properties. If you dissolve well, it may simply mean that we click. And I personally fall for someone when I feel that "click". After some time the different property of water would adapt and become similar. That is when we can think alike and predict another's behavior or thought much easier. And that is also the tricky part, you have to accept the good and BAD of the other. Tolerance and trust at this point is really important for the maintenance of a relationship.
P.s. I hope that we are like the iced hearts sticking together and go through ups and downs so that I can get to know you and love you so much more. Love you, Baby. <3

This is a post drafted several days before Valentines:

A few days ago I was wondering about this question. "When you truly love someone, there is no absolute reason for it." This thought came to me as I was dissatisfied when my boyfriend couldn't give me an absolute answer when I question him why he has fallen for me. It was irritating at first but I also knew that there was no actual reason of me falling for him. I know I can simply cook up anything good about him to be a reason for me falling for him. Honestly said, there really isn't one.

So one day I asked my friend, Miss S, my thought. She was saying that it is actually good for loving someone with no specific reason because you know you love him or her just because it is him/her. And if you love someone for a specific reason, will you not love him or her anymore once he or she no longer possess that reason anymore?? That sounds so true when I process it in my head. Hmm.

Then I came to think, will he one day come upon a reason which he don't seem to see any right now? Hmm... Yeap,  it is possible. All depends on the individual and also the time.

There were many research or article I read such that the connection,  the love, is something that will keep two lovers or companion going.


There is this one particular article that really challenges the subjective concept of love. According to the psychologist, Barbara Frederickson, she says that there is no everlasting love, as proven by Science. She says that love is actually not what we think it is. She calls it the "micromoment of positivity resonance". One of her poll made her hypothesised such that "when our source of happiness is derived from the connections and belonging with a special person it may have limit our health and happiness" as derived from love. Click on for more details:

In the end, I believe that love and connections to the ones we love and cared for is what keeps us going. No matter you are near or far to that someone, there is that drive.

Have a good night and be firm with what you believed in, cared for, loved for & fight for. X○x●

Coming next will be my belated Valentine post with the love <3

Chor 5 of CNY

Day 5 of CNY was a random outing with sister and bro-in-law. We had our dinner at DUBU-DUBU at Sunway Pyramid. It's a spontaneous decision to settle for Korean food as I wanted something healthier ('coz I have started my healthy eating assignment, lol). At Dubu-Dubu, I took my first selfie with a two seconds timer using my Samsung Note 2 before I even decide of what to eat. First of all, I am not a korean food fanatic other than their almighty kimchi which I really love oh so much! ^^

Sister's food came first. It is the Cheese Soondubu Jigae (chicken ).

Her respond to the food is just okay.

Mine came then. It is the Kimchi Soondubu Jigae (chicken).

It was okay as well for me. 

We talked and came to the conclusion that the chicken meat they had in our chicken broth wasn't fresh as it taste a bit funny (or irregular) and that the soup is not healthy as the soup we assume is mostly made of ajinomotos instead of the real healthy one. The price was also quite expensive although the rice (they call it the Dubu-Dubu rice) they used were the good healthy rice. The sets came with three side dishes which my sister and I do not really enjoy as we only wanted kimchi more than anything else. The bad side is that you will be charged an additionally of RM2 per dish or per head. I am not sure which it is but I do not think it is worth the price.

Then came my bro-in-law's ramen a la carte. It was also so-so coz there's too much use of ajinomoto.

Overall, I am so sorry to say that it is a pricey yet not that satisfactory to the taste buds kind of food, if you know what I mean. 

The night ends with the movie : Robocop. It was a rather well played movie. However, I also find it a litlle bit draggy. Mostly I was not in the mood for movies 'coz my mind is occupied somewhere else. Oh well. Okay. You should watch it if you like futuristic details and actions in the movie! Have a good day loves! ^^

Chor 4: The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

On Chor 4 I had my lunch with my big sister, my brother-in-law, and my love at the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, Tropicana City Mall. It is apparently my first time having my lunch and ordering from the Three Little Pig's menu.

The sparkling water (from Italy) we ordered then came. It was my first time drinking sparkling water. It's weird for me as I do not understand why people would want to consume water with gas in it. Oh well. *gulp gulp gulp* Gotta finish it off as it was so so so expensive. Just 500ml it cost us rm14. So not worth it as I do not understand the concept of sparkling water.

The food took some time and it made us hungry. The first dish that was served was my sister's chosen Mighty Piggy Burger. The description as taken from the menu is: juicy pork patty, cheese, tomatoes, greens, fried egg, and mayo that contains herbs.

Sister said it is not that tasty and not as good as expected as the pork scent was so strong and I also find it unpleasant upon trying a bite-sized amount from my sister's portion. The next dish that came was my brother-in-law's, The Wolf's Favorite.

According to him, it was a rather tasty dish. I love how the poached egg looks, so cute and puffy like small portion of the clouds on the spaghetti dish. The Wolf's Favourite comprised of white creamy spaghetti with smoked pork bacon and button mushrooms, topped with poached egg and crispy bacon bits (as written in the menu).

Next came my Cheesy Pork Lasagne. The menu says that it is filled with minced pork cooked with tomato and fresh herbs, bechamel sauce and topped with loads of cheese. In my opinion, the aroma of the pork is not strong enough such that the real good taste is not there yet. 

But I do feel like the whole thing should taste more cheesier as I feel like I am eating cheese but it is just not enough (I am a cheese fanatic, that's why). Lol. 

Last came my boyfriend's dish, Piggies Rolling in the Mud. It is under the Asian section of fried rice. The menu says that it contains crumbed pork cutlet topped with mild Japanese currry and mozzarella cheese, served over a bed of fragrant rice.

According to him and his taste buds, the dish is not that pleasant. First off, it took such a long time to be prepared and served. Secondly,  it feels like a mix of curry with rice and that he finds the combination of curry and cheese strange. Pardon him for his bad review about this dish as most probably he is a typical Chinese who prefers Asian food more than anything. I like the curry though, however, I did not taste the whole combination altogether so I cannot really comment about it.

Have a good day lovelies! Xoxo

P.s (According to my memory,) the pork burger meal I had from the Big Bad Wolf menu at BSC was so much better from my last visit with my friends some time ago!!

CNY with my Family

Day 1 (Chor 1)
For one whole day we will only visit relatives around the Seremban area. The first stop was to my third aunt's place. Their new home was so huge! Big garden to take selfies which I didn't. *sigh* But I got to take a selfie at their new bough chair and also a selfie.

Taking a selfie with the beautiful chair. :) felt so matching for what I wore today ;)
Selfie by myself ;)

While mom and dad chat away with the aunt and uncle, we had some camwhore session.

Sister asked me to look like as if my head were chopped of by the vegetarian cracker. Lol. Look at my retarded face if you feel like laughing ;)

Random shot :) my baby sister and I. :)

They asked me to act like I am covering myself from paparazzi.  But it turned out as if I am advertising  for the ice lemon tea. =.=

This looks more like it. The shot to block off the paparazzi.  Lol. 

With my baby brother ;) look at his eyes. Lol.

My OOTD of Chor 1

Hugging baby sister like a koala bear :)

Second sister looking all sexy in her red cut out dress.  Baby sister on my right. Big sister is not with us this year.

A proper selfie when we leave aunt's place.

Some looks retarded. Pardon that. Lol. At night, we had reunion dinner with the relatives of my mom's side at a restaurant.

My first and last lou-sang of the year :)

And we had our wishes granted hopefully ^^

They say wishes will be granted in conjunction with the height it is able to fly. May all be well and have their wishes closer or achievable in this horse year!

Day 2 (Chor 2)
The second day was a drive to Malacca. This is my granny's hometown. The relatives there were always so nice and friendly. They always prepared a round table of food as we always have lunch there.

The all-time favourite: fish covered in chillie!  ♡♡♡ This is the dish that I enjoyed most! Love the fish covered with chilli although it's covered in bones too. The chilli is my primary motivation in removing the bones while struggling to eat the fish. ^^

Never miss a selfie :)


Then in the evening we got back Seremban and had dinner at the same restaurant with my big sister and my brother-in-law for the first time. My bf joined us late for the dinner.

First row, from left: Fried fish, mayo chicken, roasted duck.
Second row, from left: Prosperity bowl or more commonly known as poon choy (in cantonese; it is a mixed pot of everything including chicken, duck, pig trotter, sea cucumber, abalone slice, broccoli, mushrooms, fried shrimps, fish maw and so forth); roasted pork.
Third row: Stir-fried vege, tofu and minced meat, pun-choy topped with fried shrimps.
There were some funny psychology tests and some chat and it continues at home. When it is time to rest, my big sister had diarrhoea till next morning. Pity her, after eating all the good food for two days straight and it all got flushed away just like that. Lol.

Day 3 (Chor 3)

head for brunch at gu po s place and sent dad off to the airport. came back and went out again to search for clinic for sister's diarrhoe. We had a short rest and took the oppitunity to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4th. Went out for relative's open house. Missed my hang out session with my loves... *ouch*

Day 4 (Chor 4)
Left home. Stay tuned for the next blog!!! ;)