3D2N : Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highland

Long Overdue Post!!!
When: Last week of December 2013
Where: Apartment of the Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highland.
Condition of the Apartment: Rather new. Clean and everything is just nice! I am thankful that they have hair dryers available in each bathroom. There are two bedrooms. One with a queen sized bed and the other with two wide single sized beds. There was a rather well-spaced kitchen. The dining room and living room is a combined space. Quite spacious. There's also the balcony which gives us the morning view to the playground on the slight West to us and also the road way to the other apartments around us. The picture below is the view from the balcony:
The morning view: The green mountains and fog relaxes the soul in me. *zen*
On the first day we had our lunch downhill. First stop was the tea place where a teapot of teh tarik costs us around RM21, I think. I have edited my cup of teh tarik which reflects my level of satisfaction to the texture and taste of the teh tarik they've made. Thank you! ^^
Expensive teh tarik downhill.  But it tastes nice and warming! :)
I didn't try the cheesecake nor the croissant there but the others said that it was nice. The one main attraction there was the mountain of tea leaves where tourists can walk and take pictures along the way. As a camwhore like me, I definitely would love to explore and take pics...
More green tea leaves mountains for the eyes and and the camwhore :)
Me :) the camwhore :)
Unfortunately we were kind of short of time so we did not walk that further down and turned back up the hill. We have ourselves checked-in to the hotel and settled our luggages. We had short photo session.

A few of us went swimming in the indoor pool of the hotel. I was freezing when I stopped for a moment in the water, so I kept swimming back and forth for a few laps like there's no tomorrow. It was fun moving around although my swimming style was slightly off the accurate way. I just feel so refreshed as I have not been swimming for like AGES!!! ^^ After that, we took turns to clean ourselves
Selfie after a warm bath :)
and had a short walk around the night market. The night ends with the warming steamboat at OK Tuck Steamboat place. Just perfect for a chilly night with me wearing shorts throughout the whole day! *lol*
The night ends with a short chilly walk and clicking of camera buttons (via my Samsung NOTE 2) around the hotel and apartment area.
That's me at the fountain place near the entrance of the Equatorial Hotel. 
I am obsessed with the lighting in the hotelf!!! And I love the first shot below.
First shot and I love it !
This is the side view of the lighting.
Shot 2: side view of the lighting
The next morning, we had a quick brunch and depart to several places as planned. First stop was Lavender Cameron. Here's several pictures taken there:
Front view of the lavender field.
Lavender field taken from the opposite pole :)
Cannot resist to not have a picture here. (Captured using IPhone4)
While the others hand-picked their very own strawberries, I had a quick stroll with the boyfriend and captured this particular strawberry. *feeling lucky*
I see a heart shape in the strawberry :)
I also took the opportunity to capture this white flower. Although I do not know what flower this is exactly but I just love how it looks especially when it is white or blood red in color. Do you know the name of the flower below?
White resembles purity. Genuineness is what I felt. And also angelic in what I see.
Then I had a group picture with some of the flowers :)
Selfie with the flowers. 
The second stop was the Bee Farm.
This is the entrance of the Bee Farm. We did not walk further down as it stinks of something foul.
My haul was a CNY promotion pack of 5 bottles of honey (three different types of honey) worth RM100. Thank you love!:

There is three bottles of the first bottle on the left of the picture. One of the Lime Wild Honey in the middle of the picture and one Premium Honey on the right of the picture. Fyi: honey is best consumed without mixing in water.
The third stop was the Water Crest Valley. It's pretty and looks amazingly healthy with the weather there. I had to snap a quick photo under the drizzle:
We settled our lunch there with vegetarian dishes all the way and a bowl of warming soup while waiting for the drizzle to go away.
The fourth stop was to the Cactus place. I saw a bunny in a cage. SO fluffy and chubby but pity that it is all alone so I did not want to take a picture. No haul for me there. Lol.
The fifth stop was walking around the market at the road side. The aim was to buy vegetables and fruits for those who wants to as well as to buy some snacks for those who were hungry. My love asked me what else that I would like to get since I already had my honey. I simply said that I had not buy my flower. He asked me what it is exactly? I said roses. He said, "The red bouquet?" I said, "No, Blue! And I want the ones that I can care for in the pot." While I was busy eating, he came to me with these blue roses already picked and tied in a small bunch.
It was touching although it is not my desired kind.I am grateful. Thank you love! I just had to take a selfie with my first small bunch of blue roses from him. Please pardon my retarded face as I was somewhat over the moon *teehee*
The sixth stop was to BOH Cameron.
We wanted to have a short tea session but the place was filled with a sea of people so we decided to just go back down the hill, and up the hill once again to settle our tea session somewhere at the never ending stream of night market along the way. Our dinner was at the same steamboat place. This time it's a mix of tom yum soup based and also the usual chicken based soup. The night extended a bit more with us playing snooker and also a brief moment of massage by the massaging chair that requires us to spend RM5 each. I feel so ticklish. Just wanted the time to end faster.
The third day is just about checking out of the place, brunch and drive back home. As for the brunch I liked their barley with tofu. I just think that they should make it hotter as the weather chilled the barley fast!
What I got out from the trip was mostly about caring for kids. Throughout the trip I had the opportunity to be near kids and had a bond with his family members and the daughter of his sister who is only 5. She is extremely good at asking questions of WHYs. At some point I feel like I am a very good storyteller. *laughs* Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I were to stay there for a longer period like a week or two. To be honest, it is fun being there as it is a new environment with a temperature so chilly and nice for my warm body as well as the pretty scenery of flowers, leaves, buildings and so forth; but what else can I be doing? I am glad that I went there for only 3D2N as it is not too long or short and I have a pleasant experience. If you do plan to go to Cameron Highlands for more than 3 days, I suggest you to bring some games with your group of friends or family. It'll definitely make your trip more enjoyable!! *wink*

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