Pimple-prone Face Routine

In my opinion, the cause of my break out is usually due to the lack of moisture that my skin needs. I used to dab pimple cream two times a day, that is, in the morning and at night. This in turn makes my skin dry. In a more severe state, there will be some peeling of the skin, especially at my nose area and my forehead. I was also lazy that time as I do not apply toner and moisturiser after I have cleansed my face. Approximately half a year ago, I have decided to follow the basic skin care routine; that is, cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin at least twice a day and a minimum of applying mask on my face once a week. Scrubbing of my face is an optional thing in my routine.
In terms of my facial wash, I do not have a consistent tube to wash my face.
Currently, I have been using Etude's Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam (170ml) for approximately a year which explains for the ugly and yellowing of the tube (pardon me). My skin loves it and every time after each wash it just feels so clean and supple. My friend gave me the Pore Scrub from the same range of the Etude's Baking Powder.
It felt nice and I noticed my skin become less oily and soft after using it. You do not have to use up the whole pack of pore scrub. Personally, I divide the usage to around two or three times of usage. I love the packaging. Definitely will purchase it when I run out of it. The scent is exactly like how baking soda smells like.
Next, is the toner. Recently I have been using Haruhada Collagen Toner (500ml).
I would use a generous amount on a cotton pad and wipe it on my face and neck. It makes me feel clean as my cotton pad would seem to have remove all dirty particles that I have failed to remove when I washed my face. There was not much a fragrance. So far has been doing its job well! ^^
Moving on is my must:
This is the Neutrogena Moisturiser (118ml) that I have bought on 30th October 2013. It is said to be suitable for combination skin where dry areas will be moisturised while the shiny oily areas will be controlled. Basically you only need to use one pump and apply all over your face and neck every morning and night; be it alone or under makeup. It is fragrance-free, alcohol-free and won't clog pores. So far I have been consistently using it and loved the non-sticky after effect. The areas that needs moisture are kept moist where I have lesser peels especially at my nose area. My forehead can last longer without looking oily. Before this I will have the appearance of oily forehead after approximately five hours from having my face washed in the morning. The matte finish of this moisturiser helps me to be more confident in how I feel and look. I have also tried using this moisturiser before applying my make up- it is good! There's no cakey application or so leaving my skin looking smooth and matte. Plus, it does not slip off my skin fast in this tropical country. *thumbs up* I am also using this moisturiser to massage my face for that V-effect. It feels not bad! :)
As for the pimple cream, I would cycle around the few usual brands. As for now, I am using OXY5 (10g).
I would only apply this cream at night so that I would not dry out my skin too much. After I have dab the cream on my pimple, I would have a pimple patch stick on my slightly bumpy pimple.
This Spot Clear Intensive Patch was purchased from The Face Shop.There are 12 patches in one sachet. Basically what you have to do is to have the patch stick on your pimple for a minimum of 8-12 hours. This patch claims to contain ingredients that can help fight blemishes.
I personally like its transparency 'cause it will mean that I may go out with it and not be obviously identified if I forgot to remove it or that I need to meet my minimum time of application (I do not claim that you should go out with it!). I find this patch effective for me as I feel that the patch helps to halt my pimple from growing bigger overnight. Several days of continuous usage helps my blemishes go away. I will buy more of it definitely!
Although I have been following the basic three steps in caring for my face, pimples still pops out somewhat frequently and it annoys me. Please give me some advices in caring for my pimple prone skin. Thank you in advance!


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