Today will be the personal short list of my new year resolution 2014. It may be short but I will be adding more resolutions from time to time. Please bare with my sillines. ^^
1. To successfully fly a kite. (I have tried to fly a kite before with my siblings but failed to 'coz the venue was not that suitable and that the place we were has not much of the presence of the wind)
2. Have a better concentration.
3. Gossip less. (May I be viewed as a more introverted person than I am today?)
4. Pick up Chinese slowly and take Chinese class to improve my reading and writing skills.
5. Learn a dish a month! (No matter if it's baking, cooking or making soup!)
6. Do masks at least three times a week!
7. Work for at least three months to half a year or so related to my aspiring career (hopefully it will help me makes sense of what to major in for my Masters).
8. Cut down unhealthy food and have a minimum of 1 unhealthy meal in a month! [Monthly goal]
9. Drink at least 2L of water per day. (Too much or too less?)
10. Save money when I can for the trips to come! ^^

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