HELLO everyone! How was your New Year spent?
As for my New Year Eve, I went to La Bodega and had my super late dinner which ended just in time for the countdown from 2013 to 2014. My dinner was alright. It's the Linguine Alfredo plus a cup of Bloody Mary. My favourite. But I did not finish it as I am the type of drinker who turns red fast so I just gotta let myself rest a while. The barista there recommended us to try Stella Artois which is quite okay for me ^^. They also gave out party bags in conjunction with the countdown. The countdown was alright but I am honestly not so into extremely loud places and also I am unsure if I am ready to face 2014. *sigh* But hey, cheer up and enjoy the moment for now and try to concentrate tomorrow!!
FYI, I am very into lighting/bottles used for the interior design of places that I go to. One of them in La Bodega is the wine bottles. I am unsure if it is still filled with wine or not but it is a pretty interior design for the place!
As for my first dinner in 2014, I just got to shout out, "HEY, I AM BACK!", back to the South Sea Seafood that I said I would return six days ago. Lol. So this time we decided to not order any prawny, crabby or shrimpy kind of dish as we do not want to go through the itch again. This time, we ordered three dishes:
Dish #1: South Sea Special Fried Rice
It is basically fried rice with scrambled fried egg, diced long bean as well as baby anchovies. The rice is slightly salty and the baby anchovies does not add any additional saltiness which makes the whole dish quite balanced in my opinion. I like the slight crispiness of the baby anchovies. It is RM15 which I think is worth the price! :)
Dish #2: Stir-fried "Kailan"
It was simple, not oily, refreshing. RM1 more than the first dish. Erm, guess it was hmm okay for the price?
Dish #3: Braised Bean Curd with Hot Minced Sauce
This dish costs us RM18 which I think is not exactly worth it as I am more of a spicy lover and for me I think it is not spicy enough? But honestly, I guess it is okay for those who just wants a little spiciness in the food. I do not know how to describe it but I am just not a fan for braised food with a tinge of sourness.
In short, cheers to the fried rice!!! Love it! Thanks for the food chef! It was all good, just probably my personal preference is not in line with all the food that I have ordered.
Next, I shall add on information and pictures of South Sea Seafood. Basically they open from 11a.m. to 11p.m. with wifi connections and they do serve Haagen Dazs ice cream with a whole lot of sea creatures in the aquarium (as mentioned in my previous post). No worries about where to park your car as they have (to my knowledge) two parking spaces with guards. There is the front entrance...
and the back entrance with the tv showing the various kinds of dish they serve...
and you proceed on to the staircase on your right...
Turn right and you will see the wine cellar. The picture shows part of the wine cellar. I like the way it is stored! ^^
Go further straight and you will reach the toilet. I am not sure about the guy's toilet but I like the design of it. As mentioned it is filled with the 'serai' kind of aroma with dim lights which relaxes the mind and body of the user no matter one is to begin a meal or done with the meal. Anyway, the "automaticised" (not sure if this word exist but you do understand what I am tring to say right? :) ) soap dispenser, tap, and tissue dispenser was the nicest thing designed for hygiene freaks (just joking)... (sorry for the unclear picture but just bear with it please!)...
I love the antique-y wooden door handles of the toilet...
From the back entrance, if you turn to your LEFT instead, you will easily see the aquariums and the dining area. The dining area is divided into the ones with and without air-conditioner. I don't know why but every time when we go there we sit outside. This is the partial scene of people dining at the exterior area of the restaurant:
That's it for my first day of 2014. Hope everything will be better for everyone in this year!

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