MOF Japanese Cafe


This is my first time dining in this MOF Japanese Cafe. My sister have decided to dine here since she have been doubting what food is available here. My first thought was that everything seems like a small portion, so how can  I be full?

Well, before I show you my food pictures, lemme give you an idea of what attracts me in terms of the environment there. It was cooling of course. Am glad that there is no smell of food attched to my clothes. :) What I like most about the place is the big mirror available along one section of the wall. ♡♡♡

Mirror is my must visit place where ever I go. :)

It is so convenient for me to check my hair and etc before taking any vain selfie or so. *grins*

My sister and I ordered from the dinner set menu. I ordered the Unagi Tamagoh.

Unagi lover ♡

It is basically a bowl of rice topped with five pieces thick of unagi, slight sesame seeds, 'sauna' egg, as well as seaweeds. And, this set includes a bowl of miso soup. It is of the soy sauce based soup. This set is worthy for a small eater as I already felt full after finishing the whole bowl myself.

My sister ordered Kino Kimchi Pot.

Kimchi Pot

Do visit my sister's blog for more details about it at According to my sister, the soup tastes not bad when you mix it with the rice. However it is too salty if you consume the soup by itself.

As for my brother-in-law,  he ordered Salmon Jyu.

Grilled Salmon on Japanese rice

It is grilled salmon on Japanese rice. He said that it is just salmon fish and rice. Which seems to not worth the price.

In conclusion, I would say do order for unagi rice set or smtg along the line. The Salmon Jyu set is really not worth the price coz you actually can make it yourself.

P.s. If you are craving for alcohol or pork. Don't come coz they don't serve it. ;)

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