Egg White Pore Clean Pad

This is the black and whitehead cleansing pad my sister got from Skin Food. It comes in a set of pore - cleansing pads with egg white extract that helps remove blackheads and whiteheads on the nose, forehead, and chin just by wiping (as claimed at the back of the sachet).

Front view:

Back view:

Cleansing pad:
This is the embossed side of the cleansing pad :)

To-use: After cleansing, use the embossed side to wipe blackheads and whiteheads in gentle circular motion. Rinse off after you're done wiping your face with the cleansing pad.

Rating: Extremely unsatisfied. 1/5.

Justification: I am not sure what the cleansing pad did to my face and pores as I do not see any differences after wiping my chin and nose with pimples. It just leave this greasy cleansing oil.

Repurchase: No. :(

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