This post is dedicated to what happened yesterday (26012014).

When I awoke from my nap around five plus, I head to the toilet. Something fell on my fourth little toe and I heard a clinging sound. Saw the item and picked it up. Continued to do what I was supposed to do (that is to pee). At the same time, I noticed the sharp pain just wouldn't go away. There were droplets of blood on the floor. I did not bother. The bleeding then continues which later formed a small puddle of blood. This is the time where I was more awake than ever. Quickly I sprayed away the blood with the tap water. Sprayed my wound and got myself out of the toilet and dried my foot. After that I sealed my wound with the bandage and that's when he came back. 

He asked me what happened. I ignored at first 'cause I thought I would be okay. However, I ended up walking like a cripple. Omg. It was just a small wound and I walked like that. He thought if I stayed home I would be safe, but who knows I was so "sui" that I was attacked by this sharp thing in the toilet. Lol.

Later on I told him the scenario which at the same time made him laugh and a slight heartache. Due to my irritated mood, I request him to bring me eat my all time favourite- CAKE!!

So, after he showered, he drove me and we settled my cravings and pain (the pain was and is still with me now! >.<) at Lavender.

He had Black Forest cake. I had Caramel Milk Stick, Dark Chocolate macaroon & Harajuku Cheese Cake. #yummyinthetummy #mykindofheaven #dessertforlife

It was nice!! Love love love desserts!

Then we head home to have dinner. Guess what he did? He impressed me by washing the dishes for me. I was so touched and felt funny at the same time and asked him why is he suddenly in such a good mood to help me wash the dishes. He replied, "Because your feet hurt so I helped." Well, whether it linked or not (the feet that hurts and the hand that needs to do the washing) I appreciated it a lot my love! Thanks for showing your care for me. [It made me wonder of all the special treatment I will get IF I was not well in the near*knock the wood*] 

After shower, I showed him the wound and he brought me to see the doctor. Nothing much. I was given a shot (as I was pricked by the metal item), painkillers (only take when required), as well as a cream to be applied twice a day. The doctor told me that I should go back to her if I have any fever within this two to three days. Don't think I would be that "sui" ("sui" is a chinese term which means unlucky) again. *knock wood three times* Lol


P.s. I thank you for your care, your love, & every moment to come. <3

In the end, I took a painkiller as I couldn't sleep due to the numbness and pain caused by the injection. My toe is feeling fine now :) thank you baby!

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