MOF Japanese Cafe


This is my first time dining in this MOF Japanese Cafe. My sister have decided to dine here since she have been doubting what food is available here. My first thought was that everything seems like a small portion, so how can  I be full?

Well, before I show you my food pictures, lemme give you an idea of what attracts me in terms of the environment there. It was cooling of course. Am glad that there is no smell of food attched to my clothes. :) What I like most about the place is the big mirror available along one section of the wall. ♡♡♡

Mirror is my must visit place where ever I go. :)

It is so convenient for me to check my hair and etc before taking any vain selfie or so. *grins*

My sister and I ordered from the dinner set menu. I ordered the Unagi Tamagoh.

Unagi lover ♡

It is basically a bowl of rice topped with five pieces thick of unagi, slight sesame seeds, 'sauna' egg, as well as seaweeds. And, this set includes a bowl of miso soup. It is of the soy sauce based soup. This set is worthy for a small eater as I already felt full after finishing the whole bowl myself.

My sister ordered Kino Kimchi Pot.

Kimchi Pot

Do visit my sister's blog for more details about it at According to my sister, the soup tastes not bad when you mix it with the rice. However it is too salty if you consume the soup by itself.

As for my brother-in-law,  he ordered Salmon Jyu.

Grilled Salmon on Japanese rice

It is grilled salmon on Japanese rice. He said that it is just salmon fish and rice. Which seems to not worth the price.

In conclusion, I would say do order for unagi rice set or smtg along the line. The Salmon Jyu set is really not worth the price coz you actually can make it yourself.

P.s. If you are craving for alcohol or pork. Don't come coz they don't serve it. ;)


This post is dedicated to what happened yesterday (26012014).

When I awoke from my nap around five plus, I head to the toilet. Something fell on my fourth little toe and I heard a clinging sound. Saw the item and picked it up. Continued to do what I was supposed to do (that is to pee). At the same time, I noticed the sharp pain just wouldn't go away. There were droplets of blood on the floor. I did not bother. The bleeding then continues which later formed a small puddle of blood. This is the time where I was more awake than ever. Quickly I sprayed away the blood with the tap water. Sprayed my wound and got myself out of the toilet and dried my foot. After that I sealed my wound with the bandage and that's when he came back. 

He asked me what happened. I ignored at first 'cause I thought I would be okay. However, I ended up walking like a cripple. Omg. It was just a small wound and I walked like that. He thought if I stayed home I would be safe, but who knows I was so "sui" that I was attacked by this sharp thing in the toilet. Lol.

Later on I told him the scenario which at the same time made him laugh and a slight heartache. Due to my irritated mood, I request him to bring me eat my all time favourite- CAKE!!

So, after he showered, he drove me and we settled my cravings and pain (the pain was and is still with me now! >.<) at Lavender.

He had Black Forest cake. I had Caramel Milk Stick, Dark Chocolate macaroon & Harajuku Cheese Cake. #yummyinthetummy #mykindofheaven #dessertforlife

It was nice!! Love love love desserts!

Then we head home to have dinner. Guess what he did? He impressed me by washing the dishes for me. I was so touched and felt funny at the same time and asked him why is he suddenly in such a good mood to help me wash the dishes. He replied, "Because your feet hurt so I helped." Well, whether it linked or not (the feet that hurts and the hand that needs to do the washing) I appreciated it a lot my love! Thanks for showing your care for me. [It made me wonder of all the special treatment I will get IF I was not well in the near*knock the wood*] 

After shower, I showed him the wound and he brought me to see the doctor. Nothing much. I was given a shot (as I was pricked by the metal item), painkillers (only take when required), as well as a cream to be applied twice a day. The doctor told me that I should go back to her if I have any fever within this two to three days. Don't think I would be that "sui" ("sui" is a chinese term which means unlucky) again. *knock wood three times* Lol


P.s. I thank you for your care, your love, & every moment to come. <3

In the end, I took a painkiller as I couldn't sleep due to the numbness and pain caused by the injection. My toe is feeling fine now :) thank you baby!

Rosken Dry Skin Cream

Rosken Dry Skin Cream (250ml)
This is the front view:
This is the back view:
This is the lotion:
Ingredients (taken directly from the back of the bottle): Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone 2.5% W/W, Mineral Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Methylparaben 0.25%, Imidazolidinyl Urea 0.20% W/W, BHT, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance (Parfum), Propylparaben 0.10% W/W.
*[Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is known to be one of the cancer causing agent by many consumers. Many are confused whether it is the actual cause or not, however, according to the study by Dr. Mercola, SLS is the gradual, cumulative effects of long-term, repeated exposures that are the real concern! (As summarize and taken from online).
What item claims to do: Cream formulation is suitable for very dry and damaged skin. It is pH balanced, which means that it is suitable to be used on the body, hands and face. [I have only tried applying this on my hands and foot; never on my face yet as I do not think my skin is deprived of moisture to that level. Have you tried it before?]
It is clinically proven to:
-significantly increase moisture levels from first application.
-double skin moisture levels in just 4 days.
-help skin retain its moisture from first application.
[I agree with ALL three points mentioned]
How-to: Massage into skin every morning and night after showering or whenever the skin feels dry.
Texture: Rich/Concentrate/Heavy as compared to Enchanteur's lotion. [Rating: 4/5; I immediately think of this phrase, "A little goes a long way."]
Fragrance: I think it contains a light scent of olive oil or something oily in a way. Just can't recall the right word right now. [Rating: 3/5]
Absorption: Great absorption however it requires a much longer time for it to be fully absorbed into the skin. The Olive Oil Extract contains natural antioxidant which helps in the regeneration of the skin tissue and also in regulation the natural moisturising system of the skin. Dimethicone helps to soften the skin by filling in tiny gaps between skin cells. It then forms a protective layer to lock in essential moisture. [Rating: 3/5]
Due to the findings about the accumulating effects of SLS to our body, I would advise to not use Rosken's Dry Skin Cream lotion that often and only use when your skin really needs that intensive moisture. In my stand, I would only go for Rosken's when my heels is dry. Basically I would apply a rather thick layer of the Rosken lotion and wear a sock overnight to obtain baby soft foot the following morning. ^^

Egg White Pore Clean Pad

This is the black and whitehead cleansing pad my sister got from Skin Food. It comes in a set of pore - cleansing pads with egg white extract that helps remove blackheads and whiteheads on the nose, forehead, and chin just by wiping (as claimed at the back of the sachet).

Front view:

Back view:

Cleansing pad:
This is the embossed side of the cleansing pad :)

To-use: After cleansing, use the embossed side to wipe blackheads and whiteheads in gentle circular motion. Rinse off after you're done wiping your face with the cleansing pad.

Rating: Extremely unsatisfied. 1/5.

Justification: I am not sure what the cleansing pad did to my face and pores as I do not see any differences after wiping my chin and nose with pimples. It just leave this greasy cleansing oil.

Repurchase: No. :(

Annie's Way Pearl Whitening Mask

As a fairly frequent user of sheet masks with a rather normal skin and less sensitive issues, I do not have issues in buying masks EXCEPT for one so far. It is some hydrogel mask from PureTree which I cannot exactly recall the name. I cannot write a review on it as I dare not have a second try due to mild itchiness after my first use of it some time ago. This mask was purchased from MaskSlim. What's your experience with this hydrogel mask from PureTree? As for now, I would like to write a positive short review on Annie's Way Pearl Whitening Mask

Item purchased : Annie's Way Pearl Whitening Mask

Front view of  mask:

Back view of mask:

Purchased at : MaskSlim

How-to : Firstly, cleanse your face. Apply the mask on your face. After 15 minutes, remove the mask. Lastly, apply your day/night cream as usual.

Ingredients (as written at the back) : Pearl Hydrol Yzed Solution, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Mulberry Bark Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate.

Function of item (as claimed) :  Pearl is an effective whitening and moisturising substance for your skin. Enriching your skin's moisture content to improve its elasticity and minimize fine lines, giving you a noticeably rosy white complexion.

How effective is the function : In terms of the moisturising effect, I will give it a rating of 4/5. My skin is clearly softer and smoother. The whitening effect for first use is 2/5. However, it does brighten up my face. I believe it will have a better whitening effect if you use it more consistently. Fine lines were also minimized upon first use, thus, the rating is 4/5. 

Sensitivity : Nil. :) 

Overall Rating : 3.33 / 5.00

Repurchase : YES :)

*Just a little tip, do squeeze off some essence when you are removing it from the sachet (to avoid dripping if it does).* 

Have a good day lovelies <3

The above feedback is great for whitening and moisturising effect. However if you are looking to treat acne skin, do visit their anti-acne line which I love too!

Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Skin Conditioner

Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Skin Conditioner (250ml) - Sea Minerals (Normal Skin)
This is the front view:
This is the back view:
This is the lotion:
Ingredients (taken directly from the back of the bottle): Aqua, Cera Microcristallina, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Stearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Maris Sal, Sodium Carbomer, Sodium Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylisothiazolinone, Parfum.
How-to: Firstly, use your shower gel and rinse off. Then, apply a generous amount of Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Skin Conditioner while still in the shower. Next, rinse it off. Lastly, towel dry and you're good to go!
Texture: Just like a normal hair conditioner texture. [Rating: 3/5; Do not really like that slippery and sticky or waxy texture left on skin when one have rinsed and dried it off. I assumed this slight discomfort may be due to the over-application of the product].
Fragrance: Perfumed like. A tad bit stronger scent as compared to the Nivea creme in the compact container. [Rating:4/5]
Absorption: Rather quick. Skin feels soft after the shower. [Rating: 4/5]
Reminder: Be careful of the slippery floor after you have rinsed off the product!!!

Pimple-prone Face Routine

In my opinion, the cause of my break out is usually due to the lack of moisture that my skin needs. I used to dab pimple cream two times a day, that is, in the morning and at night. This in turn makes my skin dry. In a more severe state, there will be some peeling of the skin, especially at my nose area and my forehead. I was also lazy that time as I do not apply toner and moisturiser after I have cleansed my face. Approximately half a year ago, I have decided to follow the basic skin care routine; that is, cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin at least twice a day and a minimum of applying mask on my face once a week. Scrubbing of my face is an optional thing in my routine.
In terms of my facial wash, I do not have a consistent tube to wash my face.
Currently, I have been using Etude's Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam (170ml) for approximately a year which explains for the ugly and yellowing of the tube (pardon me). My skin loves it and every time after each wash it just feels so clean and supple. My friend gave me the Pore Scrub from the same range of the Etude's Baking Powder.
It felt nice and I noticed my skin become less oily and soft after using it. You do not have to use up the whole pack of pore scrub. Personally, I divide the usage to around two or three times of usage. I love the packaging. Definitely will purchase it when I run out of it. The scent is exactly like how baking soda smells like.
Next, is the toner. Recently I have been using Haruhada Collagen Toner (500ml).
I would use a generous amount on a cotton pad and wipe it on my face and neck. It makes me feel clean as my cotton pad would seem to have remove all dirty particles that I have failed to remove when I washed my face. There was not much a fragrance. So far has been doing its job well! ^^
Moving on is my must:
This is the Neutrogena Moisturiser (118ml) that I have bought on 30th October 2013. It is said to be suitable for combination skin where dry areas will be moisturised while the shiny oily areas will be controlled. Basically you only need to use one pump and apply all over your face and neck every morning and night; be it alone or under makeup. It is fragrance-free, alcohol-free and won't clog pores. So far I have been consistently using it and loved the non-sticky after effect. The areas that needs moisture are kept moist where I have lesser peels especially at my nose area. My forehead can last longer without looking oily. Before this I will have the appearance of oily forehead after approximately five hours from having my face washed in the morning. The matte finish of this moisturiser helps me to be more confident in how I feel and look. I have also tried using this moisturiser before applying my make up- it is good! There's no cakey application or so leaving my skin looking smooth and matte. Plus, it does not slip off my skin fast in this tropical country. *thumbs up* I am also using this moisturiser to massage my face for that V-effect. It feels not bad! :)
As for the pimple cream, I would cycle around the few usual brands. As for now, I am using OXY5 (10g).
I would only apply this cream at night so that I would not dry out my skin too much. After I have dab the cream on my pimple, I would have a pimple patch stick on my slightly bumpy pimple.
This Spot Clear Intensive Patch was purchased from The Face Shop.There are 12 patches in one sachet. Basically what you have to do is to have the patch stick on your pimple for a minimum of 8-12 hours. This patch claims to contain ingredients that can help fight blemishes.
I personally like its transparency 'cause it will mean that I may go out with it and not be obviously identified if I forgot to remove it or that I need to meet my minimum time of application (I do not claim that you should go out with it!). I find this patch effective for me as I feel that the patch helps to halt my pimple from growing bigger overnight. Several days of continuous usage helps my blemishes go away. I will buy more of it definitely!
Although I have been following the basic three steps in caring for my face, pimples still pops out somewhat frequently and it annoys me. Please give me some advices in caring for my pimple prone skin. Thank you in advance!


Enchanteur Paris Adore Body Lotion

Buying lotion is one activity that I like to do lately. :) The lotions I buy are according to what my skin needs at that time (please forgive me for the bad quality pictures as they are taken using my Samsung Note 2).
Enchanteur Paris Adore Body Lotion (150ml)- Protect and Repair (Whitening)
This is the front view:
This is the back view:
This is the lotion:
Ingredients (taken directly from the back of the bottle): Water, Glycerin, Ceteareth-20, Fragrance, Isopropyl Myristate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cetanol, Myristyl Myristate, Dimethicone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Carbomer, Sodium Polyacrylate, BHT, Polysorbate-20, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Disodium EDTA, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil Unsaponifiables, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Leontopodium Alpinum Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Methylisothiazolinone.
How-to: Apply it every night. (In my opinion, it is best to apply after you have showered at night as your pores can absorb the lotion in more effectively).
Texture: Light. Not too watery. Easy to apply. [Rating: 4/5]
Fragrance: I personally like the scent although its intensity of the fragrance is strong. The fragrance (according to the back of the bottle) is made up of wild jasmine, pink mimosa and violet with lychee, spiced sugar plum, pomegranate and golden pair. [Rating: 2/5]
Absorption: Rather fast and non-greasy. Upon application, you will feel that it is somewhat oily. Once it dries up, your skin is left moisturised and supple. I LOVE it's instant moisturising effect! <3 According to what's written on the back of the bottle, it states that the lotion contains Swiss Edelweiss Extract which enhances the moisturising property of the lightwieght lotion and provides antioxidant benefits. These benefits include protecting the skin from free radicals that cause premature ageing as well as repairing the UV-induced damaged skin cells. [Rating: 4/5]
Effectiveness of whitening property: Maybe. I think it does its work however I am constantly exposed to the sun. This may probably mean that my rate of getting darker is faster than my rate of becoming fairer. The lotion (as according to the information at the back of the bottle) contains Licorice Extract which claims to lighten the complexion overnight for a fairer and younger-looking skin. [Rating: 2/5]


Today will be the personal short list of my new year resolution 2014. It may be short but I will be adding more resolutions from time to time. Please bare with my sillines. ^^
1. To successfully fly a kite. (I have tried to fly a kite before with my siblings but failed to 'coz the venue was not that suitable and that the place we were has not much of the presence of the wind)
2. Have a better concentration.
3. Gossip less. (May I be viewed as a more introverted person than I am today?)
4. Pick up Chinese slowly and take Chinese class to improve my reading and writing skills.
5. Learn a dish a month! (No matter if it's baking, cooking or making soup!)
6. Do masks at least three times a week!
7. Work for at least three months to half a year or so related to my aspiring career (hopefully it will help me makes sense of what to major in for my Masters).
8. Cut down unhealthy food and have a minimum of 1 unhealthy meal in a month! [Monthly goal]
9. Drink at least 2L of water per day. (Too much or too less?)
10. Save money when I can for the trips to come! ^^


HELLO everyone! How was your New Year spent?
As for my New Year Eve, I went to La Bodega and had my super late dinner which ended just in time for the countdown from 2013 to 2014. My dinner was alright. It's the Linguine Alfredo plus a cup of Bloody Mary. My favourite. But I did not finish it as I am the type of drinker who turns red fast so I just gotta let myself rest a while. The barista there recommended us to try Stella Artois which is quite okay for me ^^. They also gave out party bags in conjunction with the countdown. The countdown was alright but I am honestly not so into extremely loud places and also I am unsure if I am ready to face 2014. *sigh* But hey, cheer up and enjoy the moment for now and try to concentrate tomorrow!!
FYI, I am very into lighting/bottles used for the interior design of places that I go to. One of them in La Bodega is the wine bottles. I am unsure if it is still filled with wine or not but it is a pretty interior design for the place!
As for my first dinner in 2014, I just got to shout out, "HEY, I AM BACK!", back to the South Sea Seafood that I said I would return six days ago. Lol. So this time we decided to not order any prawny, crabby or shrimpy kind of dish as we do not want to go through the itch again. This time, we ordered three dishes:
Dish #1: South Sea Special Fried Rice
It is basically fried rice with scrambled fried egg, diced long bean as well as baby anchovies. The rice is slightly salty and the baby anchovies does not add any additional saltiness which makes the whole dish quite balanced in my opinion. I like the slight crispiness of the baby anchovies. It is RM15 which I think is worth the price! :)
Dish #2: Stir-fried "Kailan"
It was simple, not oily, refreshing. RM1 more than the first dish. Erm, guess it was hmm okay for the price?
Dish #3: Braised Bean Curd with Hot Minced Sauce
This dish costs us RM18 which I think is not exactly worth it as I am more of a spicy lover and for me I think it is not spicy enough? But honestly, I guess it is okay for those who just wants a little spiciness in the food. I do not know how to describe it but I am just not a fan for braised food with a tinge of sourness.
In short, cheers to the fried rice!!! Love it! Thanks for the food chef! It was all good, just probably my personal preference is not in line with all the food that I have ordered.
Next, I shall add on information and pictures of South Sea Seafood. Basically they open from 11a.m. to 11p.m. with wifi connections and they do serve Haagen Dazs ice cream with a whole lot of sea creatures in the aquarium (as mentioned in my previous post). No worries about where to park your car as they have (to my knowledge) two parking spaces with guards. There is the front entrance...
and the back entrance with the tv showing the various kinds of dish they serve...
and you proceed on to the staircase on your right...
Turn right and you will see the wine cellar. The picture shows part of the wine cellar. I like the way it is stored! ^^
Go further straight and you will reach the toilet. I am not sure about the guy's toilet but I like the design of it. As mentioned it is filled with the 'serai' kind of aroma with dim lights which relaxes the mind and body of the user no matter one is to begin a meal or done with the meal. Anyway, the "automaticised" (not sure if this word exist but you do understand what I am tring to say right? :) ) soap dispenser, tap, and tissue dispenser was the nicest thing designed for hygiene freaks (just joking)... (sorry for the unclear picture but just bear with it please!)...
I love the antique-y wooden door handles of the toilet...
From the back entrance, if you turn to your LEFT instead, you will easily see the aquariums and the dining area. The dining area is divided into the ones with and without air-conditioner. I don't know why but every time when we go there we sit outside. This is the partial scene of people dining at the exterior area of the restaurant:
That's it for my first day of 2014. Hope everything will be better for everyone in this year!

Wool Felt Doll In-the-making

Making a doll out of a wool felt was my first experience (24122013). Basically I bought this item from DAISO. I wanted to make this thing as I had a growing interest in it since I saw Bubzbeauty's YouTube channel some time ago.
This is the design I chose:
What they provide:
This is the instruction paper in English and Japanese:
To be very honest, this hobby requires a lot of patience and concentration for me. I took approximately an hours plus in shaping it's head with 1/5 of the white wool felt. Altogether it needs 3/5 of the white wool to achieve a solid round head. Imagine the time and effort needed to complete this whole doll in achieving a solid base.
You have to be very careful as the needle is sharp and I did poked myself several times. I have poked and bled in finishing this doll. There is not much a pain just that it stings the moment I poked myself. It is unfortunate that I broke the needle around 3am on the 25th cause I wasn't concentrating and did not pull out the needle vertically as mentioned in the instruction paper. This little incident made my whole work put to a halt. That is why I can't post this on time. At the same time, I did try using the normal sewing needles but it didn't work. I did too tried to hold the broken piece and continue to do the poking motion but still it didn't work.
It's irritating as I thought I could hurry and complete it for his Christmas present. Too bad. Now I can only continue when I get a hold of the needle.
On the 30th I went to DAISO in Sunway again to just purchase the needles that comes in a pack of 4. At the same time I have purchased a pack of wool felt with three colours, they are the dark purple, lavender and white. I haven't think of what to do with it yet so it'll just be in my drawer.
Let's get back to work!! ^^
In order to join the head and the body that I have made earlier, I added a fair amount of white wool felt in combining the rather solid head and body. The correct way was to actually leave the to-be-joined part of the body and head lightly loose for the joining later on. I was not aware of it so I improvised with theaddition of wool felt and hope it works. So here's the picture:
Later I joined the ear pieces that I have shaped:
This is the back view of the doll with the limbs, tail, ears, head and body attached.
(FYI: For the limbs and tails alone, I used approximately three hours with the mind tired and blank. The reason why it is only three hours is cause my needle broke). >.<"
Next, I have attached the mouth part of the bear using the light pink wool felt provided.
The nose piece and mouth lining is prepared:
And attached...
Before I continue further, I would like to introduce you to the handy tool to puncture the hole for the eyes as seen in the picture above. This tool is called the "awl". Initially I did not have this tool and I can hardly puncture any hole deep enough in placing the eye pieces. It was a panicky time as my time is short. So I quickly head out and luckily got the awl. It was a whole lot easier. Little strength is needed in making the hole deep enough to place the eyes. Do remember to also purchase or make your own craft glue. This glue will be applied to the stick of the eyes so as to have a stronger grip when placing it in the hole of the eyes made. In my case I failed to get a craft glue and ended up using my readily available base coat nail polish that is in my room. The awl I bought is a metal kind. You can also buy the wooden kind.
I also used the awl to make a hole for the jump ring to go through and secured it with a reasonable amount of white wool felt.
This is the end product of my improvised skinny version of the bear holding a rose in it's hand. The rose I have secured it with the remaining dark pink wool felt as I failed to stick it on the hands of the bear with my nail polish. Argh.
I thank you for your patience in reading this post which may be too long or unclear somewhere in between and hope that it helps in one way or another. But no worries, I assure you that the instruction paper provided inside it would help and you will get the momentum of it in no time! *wink*
Overall, this is a rather positive experience and I think I am hooked to it. Hope you will also enjoy your first experience with this wool felt activity! I shall make some other stuff next time. And if I do, I will post the product! TeeHee. ^^
P.s. I thank you you for loving the skinny bear and pity my poked and bled times. Love you and thank you! <3