November and December favourites

Favourite food of the month would be the Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables from Plain Porridge located at Taipan, USJ.
Favourite drink of the month would be Rose Tea I had at Kensington, Oakland, Seremban 2. Although it may not be the best rose tea however, I just love tea and the scent of rose.
To further know the benefits of Rose tea, check out by Elena WIlkins. Brief yet informative!! ^^
Tried and tested this new "in-shower" lotion by Nivea. It gives this slight sticky feeling if you have over applied it all over your body after rinsing though, however, it does what it says- moistured skin retained once out of shower room. I personally like it. But, you should also apply lotion to retain that extra moisture before bed to prevent any sign of dryness.
Food of the month would be the "Tang-yuan" in conjunction with the Winter Solstice festival. My grandma cooked it well. We sisters helped her in making the dough thingy. It was fun and warming. Thank you granny. Love my family so much although I do not really tell them straight to their face saying "I love you to the moon and back". Lol. ^^
Simple nails by myself to enhance the festive Christmas season. *jingle jingle all the way*
I missed my clear face. Throwback. Let me admire myself for a few seconds.
Thanks and nice day lovelies. Thank you for being patient to read till the end. I know it is tad bit too long.

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