16-17 December Hangout

People: My loves SookLing, Ah Lai, Nicole and Gladys
Place: Seremban.
Day 1: Gladys' house.
Although it may not be the warmest atmosphere on that day but we managed to make use of our time and ruminate the issues from one girl to another. It was fun and memorable. Tiring night as we only managed to sleep for a minimum of 3 hours. Luckily we had milk, coke and champagne as well as snakcs to keep us awake; not to forget, some interesting, jaws-dropping issues/secrets from time to time. ^^
Day 2: Seremban
Brunch at Min Kok Restaurant, Seremban. It was so filling that we can skip lunch and sing karaoke at GreenBox for three whole hours. We were irritated by this guy who works there as he kept peeping into our room to look at our pretty friend, Ms. G. Singing songs made me feel so relax that I had almost lost my voice. Lol.
This picture is taken with SookLing on the right. We look similar and I like the overall of this photo:
This is the group photo <3:
This marks the end of our day with starbucks and The Hobbit 2. ^^ (Orlando's fan will be thrilled with this movie!!)
Pictures were taken either by Samsung Note 2 or IPhones.

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