First Christmas Celebration

To be honest, both of us do not really celebrate Christmas. My reason is that firstly, it's not a tradition and secondly, I do not like to squeeze with other people on the Eve of Christmas. For him it's because he is almost always occupied with work. Overall, both of us do like this festive Christmas-y atmosphere.
So on the eve we watched fireworks in the car after our super late dinner in his car :)
On the day of Christmas itself we went to this South Sea Seafood located at Subang. For further details, visit:
My first impression to this place is really good but unfortunately I missed the chance to take more pictures of the environment as I was in awe with the various interesting looking sea creatures in the aquariums. There were Australian lobsters, abalone, slipper shrimp and so much more. Here are some of the live sea creatures:
The dining experience was unforgettable for me as I am eating my first crab with salty egg (costs around rm60++ each) and had half a pigeon (Rm35 for one whole roasted pigeon). The crab was nice but I had slight allergic reactions with tge love later on as we had allergic reactions to shell-like food since we were a kid.
I personally feels like the taste of the roasted pigeon tastes similar to a roasted duck. Both have this bloody stench in its meat. I am grateful for the sauce that they have provided with the roasted pigeon. It was somewhat sour-ish. Somewhat like a tinge of sour plum or something. I love how the sauce and the meat goes together!! ♡♡♡
Since there were only the two of us, we ordered the third dish - simple vegetables lightly stirred fried. Feels healthy and refreshing with coconut and pu-er tea to flush everything down and have a better digestion. ;)
Other than the interesting sea creatures as well as my dining experience I will just talk a little about the furnishing there including their toilet. Personally I love their toilet. It is really clean and the aroma of serai fills their toilet area. The lighting also helps one to feel relax and the taps and tissue dispensers are all motion-sensing. It is all safe and good for "hygiene-freaks" that I partially am when I am outside as well as for others who are similar. :) I love the lighting there. This is one of them:
What's in your mind when you look at it? I feel it looks like some clam-like creature or some eyes without eyeballs. Lol. Tell me what you think about it! ;)
Well, I had a photo with this bloated tummy old man and I just couldn't resist myself from not touching his tummy!! :)
This marks the end of the night of my Christmas with my love. I definitely would come back for the service, environment and the food! ♡♡♡ My Christmas night is complete no matter where it is spent, as long as you're with me. Hope everyone's Christmas is spent with the loved ones, family and friends!

November and December favourites

Favourite food of the month would be the Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables from Plain Porridge located at Taipan, USJ.
Favourite drink of the month would be Rose Tea I had at Kensington, Oakland, Seremban 2. Although it may not be the best rose tea however, I just love tea and the scent of rose.
To further know the benefits of Rose tea, check out by Elena WIlkins. Brief yet informative!! ^^
Tried and tested this new "in-shower" lotion by Nivea. It gives this slight sticky feeling if you have over applied it all over your body after rinsing though, however, it does what it says- moistured skin retained once out of shower room. I personally like it. But, you should also apply lotion to retain that extra moisture before bed to prevent any sign of dryness.
Food of the month would be the "Tang-yuan" in conjunction with the Winter Solstice festival. My grandma cooked it well. We sisters helped her in making the dough thingy. It was fun and warming. Thank you granny. Love my family so much although I do not really tell them straight to their face saying "I love you to the moon and back". Lol. ^^
Simple nails by myself to enhance the festive Christmas season. *jingle jingle all the way*
I missed my clear face. Throwback. Let me admire myself for a few seconds.
Thanks and nice day lovelies. Thank you for being patient to read till the end. I know it is tad bit too long.

16-17 December Hangout

People: My loves SookLing, Ah Lai, Nicole and Gladys
Place: Seremban.
Day 1: Gladys' house.
Although it may not be the warmest atmosphere on that day but we managed to make use of our time and ruminate the issues from one girl to another. It was fun and memorable. Tiring night as we only managed to sleep for a minimum of 3 hours. Luckily we had milk, coke and champagne as well as snakcs to keep us awake; not to forget, some interesting, jaws-dropping issues/secrets from time to time. ^^
Day 2: Seremban
Brunch at Min Kok Restaurant, Seremban. It was so filling that we can skip lunch and sing karaoke at GreenBox for three whole hours. We were irritated by this guy who works there as he kept peeping into our room to look at our pretty friend, Ms. G. Singing songs made me feel so relax that I had almost lost my voice. Lol.
This picture is taken with SookLing on the right. We look similar and I like the overall of this photo:
This is the group photo <3:
This marks the end of our day with starbucks and The Hobbit 2. ^^ (Orlando's fan will be thrilled with this movie!!)
Pictures were taken either by Samsung Note 2 or IPhones.